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Want to fill spare time? Playing games is one of the best ways to fill free time. How about trying Zombie Tsunami? Yes, a runner-friendly game for kids to adults, you can download Zombie Tsunami here.
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25 Desember 2019
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Want to fill spare time? Playing games is one of the best ways to fill free time. How about trying Zombie Tsunami? Yes, a runner-friendly game for kids to adults, you can download Zombie Tsunami here.


The zombie game is endless. There are various kinds of Zombie-themed games in the form of war, survival, and so on.

Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk itself is an endless runner game that manages to bring something new to this type of runner game.

A Glimpse of the Zombie Tsunami

In the Zombie Tsunami game, Zombies automatically run forward when the game first starts and there is no instruction whatsoever, but instead use the instinct to jump and find prey. Players will also guide a wave of zombies that grow or shrink depending on the number of people bitten. Z

The zombies in the Latest Version of the Zombie Tsunami game are not so scary either. So, it will not cause fear for children. Create hordes of zombies by eating humans and their brains, jumping over all the obstacles in front.

The more people eat the brains of the zombie horde will increase in number and it is also used to pass obstacles in front.

Zombie Tsunami Game Features

Here are the features in Zombie Tsunami that are easily understood by users of Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk.

A simple way to play

First time playing Zombie Tsunami try to control the fastest Zombies in the horde because of course other zombies will follow the leader in front of him. Avoid something dangerous or the like that can cause an explosion. Press zombies longer so zombies can jump.

Lots and unlimited levels

In Zombie Tsunami ApkPure, there are more than 300 levels for players to complete. That way, of course the game will be more difficult when the game continues. So that boredom will be reduced because there are many and varied levels.

Attractive and beautiful environment

Zombie Tsunami Apkpure there are world landmarks that are very beautiful and certainly very famous. Starting from the Pyramids in Egypt, to the Eifel Tower in Paris. Not only that. Of course, there are many more beautiful scenes in the world.

Game for all types of ages

The zombies contained in the game are not too scary. So it won’t be scary for children. This game looks very interesting for all people from young to adults.

Strategy and How to conquer the Zombie Tsunami

After knowing the features in Zombie Tsunami, let’s discuss how to conquer all of the Zombies. Of course, there are a few things you should know for Zombie Tsunami users.

Zombie Tsunami strategy game

When starting this game, the zombies in front will be used as the leader of the zombies. After that, practice how zombies can jump so that when there are different holes, zombies will get a reflex to jump.

Also note the number of zombies that are used to drive the vehicle in front. Check missions regularly, so there will be many missions to complete. Complete each mission to fill the experimental bottle to get a bonus coin.

When the coins have accumulated a lot, so the upgrade can be done. But remember, when you’ve done an upgrade, the price of an upgrade will automatically go up. Choose an upgrade that can collect 100 brains to get Lottey Tickets that can be used to get additional coins.

Don’t be in a hurry to upgrade or shop at the Market. Why? Because there are several missions that demand to shop. Of course, choose an upgrade that can increase coin and brain income in each game.

Other capabilities that can be purchased on the Market and are useful are the “Pack of Civillians” and “Doubel Zombies” because they can be used to drive large vehicles on the Zombie Tsunami Mod Revvdl

The zombies still die while toppling people in the car, Why?

Actually it is very easy to know all that. Because there is a code to conquer these cars, so the human brains inside can be completely eaten. For that, in the Zombie Tsunami it takes 4 zombies to topple the car. And 8 zombies to topple the bus.

More zombies eat the process of overthrowing several vehicles looks easy. Like 12 zombies to topple a tank, 16 zombies to topple a plane. Easy enough, right? Now, of course you all know how to decode Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk 2019

Zombie Tsunami Upgrade

To get maximum results, of course you need to optimize the game that you play.


Zombies are used to start the game by eating human brains to get additional zombies. And to upgrade the Tsunami

A tsunami

Just like the tsunami in real life, the tsunami here will also crush all who are in front of it. By pressing and holding to stay awake so all obstacles can be destroyed and to upgrade the Dragon.


This Ninja looks like Ninja-Ninja in Japan. Wear a head covering and carry a sword. This sword is used to collect coins in order to upgrade Giant Z.


Like a lion who can jump when he hears the sound of music, this Dragon also jumps by continuing to press tap and hold so that its position remains on top. By doing so, the UFO upgrade will open by itself.

Giant Z

This giant zombie has one eye with a laser. The laser is used to destroy everything that is blocking the way of this giant zombie. And can open Quarterback and UFO.


Like a flying saucer that can bring up extraterrestrials, in Zombie Tsunami Cit UFO can also add zombies in 5 seconds. That way the Car will open at the next opportunity.


The weakness of this type is that it has a jump that is not high enough. However, this type can be used to upgrade Balloon.


Can overcome all obstacles, but even so, obstacles that are attacked will turn into coins and gold. So that the coffers of coins will increase dramatically.


The balloon here has the same shape as an air balloon in the real world. Used to float above. However, the weakness must still follow the conditions to drive the vehicle.


The shape really resembles an existing bomb. However, this bomb is used to increase the strength of bonus coins.


This bonus is used to add +10 bonuses that are on the Market.

That’s the upgrade that is in Zombie Tsunami Apk. Of course, the more levels that are played, the upgrade will also be higher.

How to download the latest Zombie Tsunami mod apk

Already know about upgrades and playing strategies for Zombie Tsunami? Can you conquer giant zombies and zombie hordes?

Here is a link that can be used to download

Download link here
Type of Android Application

Download APK file v4.2.0
Download APK File [Mod] v4.1.8

At least you have tried to play it and the extent of the level that you have played. Good luck.

How to Install the Latest Zombie Tsunami Mod

After learning everything, first download the Zombie Tsunami available link by clicking download above. The download process is very easy and fast. After the download is complete, the game can be used on various occasions and free time to fill the boredom. Enjoy the endless level.

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