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Zombies have always been an exciting conversation. In various films, Zombie is present as a scary character. Likewise in various games, Zombie becomes a challenging main icon to play.
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Zombies have always been an exciting conversation. In various films, Zombie is present as a scary character. Likewise in various games, Zombie becomes a challenging main icon to play. Because of the excitement, Feelingtouch Inc. Developer finally made a game called Zombie Frontier which can be downloaded at Play Store. This game can get rid of boredom. If you don’t believe it, try Downloading Zombie Frontier.


Zombie Frontier is one of the Zombie games that combines the shape of a Zombie with all the battles. Starting from the T virus that infects people in a city, the virus is able to turn people into zombies.

Well, humans who have had bad luck because of being infected by the T virus, finally turned into a horde of zombies in an army that is ready to bite anyone who is still sane. Scary, right?

As one of the humans who did not get infected by the T virus, users are challenged to defend themselves from Zombie attacks that are getting more and more and more brutal. One of the defenses is in the form of gunfire, traps, or grenade throws.

Zombies will continue to appear in various corners of the city. As one of the survivors, players are required to continuously hunt all Zombies who want to approach. The game consists of about 200 levels. Dare to play it?

Reasons Why You Should Download Zombie Frontier Game

Download Zombie Frontier. There are many Zombie-themed games that can be played on smartphones. However, from dozens of different types of Zombie games, Zombie Frontier is one of those games that must be tried. The reason why?

Only requires a small storage space

The first reason why lovers of Zombie games are required to play this game, Zombie Frontier Mod only requires a small storage space. With its small size, this game won’t make users’ cellphones lag or even die.

Besides being able to be played by all ages, this game also reaches all levels of society because with its minimalist size, it can be played with even low-capacity mobile phones.

Can be played offline and free

One obstacle for some gamers when playing a game is the lack of internet quota and the wasteful of data that comes out when used to play games. Naturally, the game they played was an online alias.

Online games are generally more fun. Aside from a number of things, one of the things that makes online games so exciting is that they can be played in groups.

But make no mistake. Zombie Frontier Mod Apk is no less exciting. Moreover, it can be played offline. Of course this is very beneficial for lovers of fun games, one of them Zombie games.

Weapons complete

Even though Zombie Frontier ApkPure is a small game and can be played for free, it doesn’t mean that it has limitations in many ways including weaponry.

The weapons in the Zombie Frontier Game are very complete. The weapon can be upgraded as time goes by. The higher the level of the Zombie game, the more available weapons and variety and variety. Of the various weapons, there are the strongest weapons in the form of grenades and medikit.

Grenades can be used to kill Zombies. With just one throw, a grenade will erupt and finish off the approaching Zombie troops. Besides grenades, players can also use medikit for healing. To be sure, this weapon is of limited availability. Even at the initial level, players only have three each.

Weaknesses of the Zombie Frontier Game

Zombie Frontier is indeed one of the favorite games. Various boredom can be removed through this game. However, still every advantage is always a drawback. So, here we will discuss the shortcomings of the Latest Version of the Zombie Frontier Game.

Looks Less Attractive

Because this game is small, of course there are some parts that might make users uncomfortable because it is of low quality. One of them is on how it looks.

The game’s terrain only consists of photos of static places, and zombies will suddenly appear from a distance. Surely this makes the Latest Zombie Frontier unattractive. But don’t worry, the unattractive appearance is still forgiven because there are a variety of weapons ranging from M92F, MP5, M4, M16, M249, Desert Eagle, UMP, AK47, AUG, to the M32 grenade launcher.

The cool weapons are really worth more to this game.

Difficult to Get Coins

Everyone knows what the point of a coin is. Coins are useful for buying various weapons and other things in a game. But unfortunately, the coins in Zombie Frontier Apk Mod are hard to get. In fact, often the gamers who almost died because they were already attacked by a mob of zombies and could not fight.

Moreover, Zombie itself also has various levels. There are weak Zombies, there are also the most powerful Zombies that are hard to beat.

Tips to Beat Some Zombies Quickly

The war games in the Latest Zombie Frontier Apk Game are considered difficult to win. Because the Zombies are difficult to kill and new troops will appear one after another. Novice players will definitely feel overwhelmed. Well, before despair, it’s better to read carefully tips to defeat the Zombie quickly.

First, shoot the Zombies quickly, evenly, and precisely on their heads. This is because, zombies who are shot in vital parts, especially the head, will quickly die. That way, players have a great chance to win.

Second, throw bombs aka grenades when Zombies cluster in large numbers. Don’t let the player throw a grenade to hit just one Zombie. That will be detrimental to the player. Why? Because the availability of deadly weapons is very limited.

Finally, read the map carefully. Do not let players get cheated and eventually have to die in vain exposed to a zombie bite.

Why Download Zombie Frontier 3 v2.26 Apk + Mod (Coins / Gold / Money)?

Zombie Frontier can indeed be found and downloaded on the Google Play Store. However, the official version has various limitations as mentioned above. Now, to get a more special version, you can Download Zombie Frontier 3 v2.26 Apk + Mod (Coins / Gold / Money).

By Download Zombie Frontier 3 v2.26 Apk + Mod (Coins / Gold / Money), users will get various other features, including:

Unlimited Coins

Yes, the good news is, there are unlimited coins. With this, of course players no longer need to worry about running out of coins at any time. Players can buy complete weapons at will.

Unlimited Energy

Don’t worry about running out of energy. Zombie Frontier 3 v2.26 Apk + Mod will give you continuous gold.

Download Zombie Frontier 3 v2.26 Apk + Mod Here

Are you interested in Downloading Zombie Frontier? If yes, here is the download link.

Download the APK file [Original] v2.26
Download the APK file [MOD] v2.125

Well, that’s a few things about Zombie Frontier 3. If you are a Zombie game lover and war, then please Download Zombie Frontier now. Hope it is useful, yes.

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