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This Zepeto Mod game is an application developed by the Snow Corporation developer and has become a popular game among game lovers.
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22 March 2020
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Good news to all of you especially game lovers. Lately, Zepeto has released the latest version with various interesting features and has been updated. However, some items in it there are paid. To overcome this, the easy way is by downloading the latest unlimited Zepeto mod apk v2.3.1.


Review Zepeto Mod Apk v2.3.1 and 2.8.3

This Zepeto Mod game is an application developed by the Snow Corporation developer and has become a popular game among game lovers. That is because, its uniqueness and features are many and not boring.

However, it has been modified by a third party. So, all the features in it can be used free of charge. In this game you will be instructed to take a face, after a few seconds later you will get a 3D character animation according to the results of the photo.

However, if you are not satisfied, you can edit it again later. In addition, it can create various funny characters or emojis directly from your face.

How to Download and Install Zepeto Mod Apk v2.3.1

You can download the standard version of the Zapeto application on iOS and Android through the download of PlayStore or Google Play. While the latest Zepeto Mod Apk v2.3.1 application can be downloaded with the following link:

The file provided is in the form of Winrar, so you have to compress the Winrar first. Therefore, make sure you have supporting applications like Zarchive Pro. Select the downloaded file then extract it so that the original file is visible.

How to Install Zepeto Mod Apk v2.3.1. After a successful download, the next step is to install the application or install the apk. However, make sure you have enough storage space.

Click the Apk in it, if the system refuses you have to turn off existing security. Enter the settings menu, then select allow installation from any source. After that, the application is ready to run.

If the installation process is complete, but the application is not running, it could be that the file is corrupt. The solution, find the same relevant source.

This Zepeto application requires registration steps or prior registration. Users can do this by registering an email or directly connecting with a Facebook or WeChat account. And wait a moment then make sure the registration has been successful.

Zepeto Mod Apk feature v2.3.1

When starting to open the application, you can do a face scan or old photos that have been stored on the cellphone. Then the face will turn into a cool 3D image like an avatar, a funny and interesting face.

2. Change the Avatar

After selecting a photo then your face avatar options will appear based on the results of the face scan or photo, from the avatar results you can choose the one that suits your character or desires.

For example, you choose the eye color, the shape of the face, hair color, skin or adjust the various shapes of the chin, cheeks and if necessary can add moles to the 3D face earlier. The large variety of choices will not make your avatar the same as others.

3. Regulate Movement

After editing your face avatar, don’t forget to give a name. In this application various movement options will appear and you can match the appropriate movements for example dancing, spinning and so on. This movement selection will make the shape feel more real.

4. Attaching Clothes

Selain gerakan, pada aplikasi ini juga bisa memasangkan berbagai pakaian yang lucu. Jika awalnya hanya memakai celana biru dan kaos putih, Kamu bisa membeli berbagai macam baju dengan menukarkan beberapa koin.Bagaimana cara mendapatkan koin? Di dalam aplikasi ini, telah tersedia beberapa pilihan untuk menambahkannya. Caranya, hanya perlu dengan mengikuti permaianan sederhana setiap hari. Seperti menambah teman atau berfoto.

5. Membuat Desain Background

After editing the face, give movements to change clothes on the avatar. In this application you can also give a variety of backgrounds that vary with funny and cute shapes.

For example, you can add a variety of home furniture like sofas, paintings and plants and so on. Various accessories can also be obtained by exchanging a few coins like the process of buying and selling goods.

6. Chat Fun with 3D Images

After you add a few friends, you can start chatting with each other. The most amazing thing is there are various expressions that will be generated by 3D images.

How to use Zepeto Mod Apk v2.3.1 and its features

In this application you can use nicknames. In general there are four main menus, including Play, Discover, Profile and Message. The following explanation and uses.

1. Choose the character Gender

After successfully registering then open this Zepeto Application. Then you can choose the character gender that suits you.

2. Start Playing with Various Features

At the start screen there will be a camera that performs a face scan directly. However, if you don’t want to do it, you can take photos that have available cell phone memory.

After that, you can edit his face like choosing eye color, hair and even skin. Furthermore, it can also determine the movement to the background that is behind your avatar image.

3. Use of Play Menu

In general, the function on the “Play” menu is to upload photos. In this menu, you can take pictures with other friends in Zapeto. Then the photos can be shared or uploaded to various other social media accounts. Very interesting right?

4. Discover menu

On the “discover” menu contained in this application, you can add friends. Or briefly functions like “follow” if on an Instagram account. Provisions when adding friends is not only based on nicknames, but will be given a code.

The code can be used to add friend contacts, so that you can interact with other friends among Zepeto users. The method is very easy by entering the 6 digit number below your account name.

In addition, it is also possible to see each other face to face with other users on the “Zepeto Town Square” feature.

5. Massage Menu

In this menu, the Zepeto application allows you to send messages to one another. Not only can be used between friends, but can send messages to people who are not yet friends.

6. Profile Menu

Contains various information related to your account, for example from the number of friends, the number of other accounts that follow your account. Then related to the section for editing faces, choosing clothes and avatar backgrounds.

Are you interested in using an application that hits the millennial again? So it never hurts to download the latest Zepeto Mod Apk v2.3.1 unlimited, so that more and more updates with the development of gamers.

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