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Almost everyone born in the 90s and below already knew about the Second World War, and even knew its history.
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30 Desember 2019
Android 4.3 and Up
87 MB

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Almost everyone born in the 90s and below already knew about the Second World War, and even knew its history. There is now an Android game that carries the theme of World War 2, World Conqueror. No need to use a computer or laptop to play games like this. You can take advantage of the smartphone you have and download World Conqueror 4 1.2.36 full paid apk mod android for free through the link that we will provide later in this article.


In this version of the World Conqueror 4 game, you play the role of a commander who leads the war by controlling army, navy and air soldiers to win battles on the battlefield. When leading a war, you as a commander do not continue to side with a particular country. So, you just complete the mission, so you can join the allied team and become the leader of the German troops.

World Conqueror 4 Mod Apk

World Conqueror 4 apk is an android game created by expert developers, namely Easy Tech. In this game the theme of war or war is taken, and there will be a big battle of various combat fleets, be it the army, navy, and air. In this game you become a war commander assigned to defend against enemy attacks and also destroy the enemy, depending on the mission obtained.

Actually to be able to play this game, you are required to pay in advance so that all features are open. Surely you will feel objected, right? If you have to pay, even if it’s not much. Take it easy, you can download the game World Conqueror 4 mod full paid for free through the link in this article. In this mod version, all features will open and you can play the game without having to pay.

In this latest World Conqueror mod game, there are more than 100 campaign scenarios, 40 battle challenges, and 120 legion battles ready to be completed. You can also choose the country that is the basis of your troops, both from the war strategy, become an allied team or become an independent country by attacking other countries. Surely you will not be bored when playing this one game.

World Conqueror 4 Mod Version Features

There are more than 100 scenario campaigns based on the history of World War II 1939, World War II 1943, Cold War 1950, until the modern war in 1980.
Can choose a country and mobilize all troops to complete the battle mission with certain time limits.
There are 50 choices of countries, 230 choices of leading generals, 216 choices of troop types, 42 skills, and 16 medals.
There are more than 100 campaigns, 40 challenge battles, and 120 legion battles.
Get around 175 technology upgrades, ranging from army, air force, navy, remote control weapons, nuclear bombs, and space weapons.
There are 16 landmarks and 30 architectural wonders of the world.
Automatic battles with AI or bots can also be ordered.

Free Download World Conqueror 4 1.2.36 Full Paid Apk Android Mod

You can’t find this full paid World Conqueror 4 game on the Google Play Store. Therefore, we have provided a download link for this super cool game below. Take it easy, you no longer need to pay, or free.

Details of World Conqueror 4 Mod Apk

The name of Apk World Conqueror 4 Mod
Apk version v1.2.36
Apk size is 87MB
Minimum Android Android 4.3 and up
Easy Tech Developer

Download it
How to Install World Conqueror 4 Mod
Download the game via the link above.
Don’t install it right away, because you have to activate permissions first. How, you can go to the device Settings> select Security> checklist or check the “Unknown Source” or in the Indonesian language “Unknown Source”.
Open the file that was downloaded earlier and install as usual.
If the installation process is complete, the game World Conqueror 4 mod version is ready to play.

Well, that’s a complete explanation about one of the games with war genre that takes the theme of World War 2. This game is pretty cool to be played on middle to upper Android devices with 2D graphics. If you are interested in playing this game, you can download World Conqueror 4 1.2.36 full paid android mod apk for free through the link provided above. Good luck ~

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