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The interface of this application has a unique see-through appearance. Basically, this application is a development of another WA mod, namely WhatsApp Plus. Various features and appearances in this application are made more interesting and different.
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23 Juny 2021
Android 4.1 and Up
49 MB

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The interface of this application has a unique see-through appearance. Basically, this application is a development of another WA mod, namely WhatsApp Plus. Various features and appearances in this application are made more interesting and different.


Although the features offered are not much different from WA mods in general, this application still has its own characteristics. This app has been redeveloped and given some additional features. No wonder the transparent display inside is so attractive.

The developer of this mod application understands that several types of WA mods are already popular. For example GB WhatsApp and Fouad WhatsApp. Both of these applications already have their own fans.

The presence of WhatsApp Transparant is a new option for those of you who want to try other WA mods. In addition, this application can also be the right choice for beginners. This is because the performance of the application is quite light and does not burden the device used.

So, it doesn’t hurt to try this new WA mod application, right?

Attractive Features of Transparent WhatsApp

As mentioned above, this application is the previous version of the WA mod. Of course, many features have been updated. Including in terms of appearance and performance offered. Some of the interesting features that can be enjoyed are as follows.

1. Better App Performance

When using an application, of course you don’t want a lot of lag to happen, right? Moreover, the application is a chat application that is often used daily. Although this application is the result of modification, but its performance is not in doubt.

This application can run smoothly even on Android with low specifications though. This WA mod can be installed on the Android OS at least version 4.0. So, for OS above it, of course, you don’t have to worry about this application experiencing lag or force closing.

You can send chat, make calls, and update status smoothly. So, no need to worry about the smooth running of this application.

2. Improved Transparent View

As the name implies, this application does rely on a unique transparent display. So, the background of this application is the same as the background you use on your cellphone. Thus, the display is completely transparent and very light.

3. Set Last Seen

On the original WhatsApp, you only had the option of enabling or disabling last seen. So, users can determine the time that shows the last time they were online on WhatsApp.

4. Disabling Check Mark Two

When someone sends a chat, a sign that the chat was sent is a double tick. Interestingly, you can disable this sign you know. Thus, this will give the impression as if the chat has not been sent even though it has been sent.

In addition, users can also hide the blue checkmark that indicates the message has been read. Likewise with hiding pictures and so on.

5. Change Theme

The number of people who are interested in the WA mod, one of which is because it can personalize the appearance. For example by changing the theme used. The original WhatsApp only has a dark and light mode display which is sometimes boring.

Well, this application provides hundreds of themes that you can choose and apply for free. Thus, you will not feel bored using this WA mod.

6. Diverse Sticker Packs

Sending stickers is a modern way of communicating that can make chats more expressive. Are you one of those who like stickers? This application provides attractive sticker packs that can be used for free, you know. In this way, the conversation will be more interesting.

7. Change Notification Icon

This modified WhatsApp lets you change notification icons easily. Thus, the display will be more different than usual. Customization of this display can be done easily without any annoying bugs.

8. Improved Privacy Features

The feature not to be seen is indeed a characteristic of most WA mod applications. Through this Transparent WhatsApp, users can hide online status, tick two, and view friends’ WA snaps without being caught.

9. Anti Banned

Banned is the most feared risk by modified application users. No need to worry, this app has been developed in such a way that it is bug free. In addition, an anti-ban feature has also been added so you don’t need to worry.

If the account has been banned, it can no longer be used. That is why choosing the WA mod should not be arbitrary.


10. Sending Large Files

This WA mod allows you to send large files. Thus, users can send files, videos, and images without experiencing compression. The maximum file size for sending is 1 GB. Of course, it is much bigger than the original WA which is only 16 MB.

11. Anti Delete Chat and Status

Are you often curious about the contents of the message sender’s chat? Interestingly, you can read the contents of the message even though the sender has already deleted it. This can be done easily without being noticed.

Not only chat, the status that has been deleted by the owner can still be seen. Thus, you do not need to be curious about these two things.

Download the Latest Transparent WhatsApp

After knowing the many advantages of this application, you might want to try it right away. Moreover, there is an anti-ban feature which makes it more popular. For beginners who want to try the WA mod, here is the download link provided.

Transparent WhatsApp Name
Version V9.70
Android OS 4.0 up
Size 46 MB


How to Install Transparent WhatsApp on Android

The steps to install this application are very easy. The method is not much different when you install other modified applications, which are as follows.

  • Download the latest version of WhatsApp Transparent via the link below here site.
  • After that, open the Settings menu on each phone.Enable the option of installing apps from Unknown Sources.
  • Enable-option-installing-apps-from-Unknown-Sources
  • Next, look for the WA Transparent apk file that has been downloaded.
  • If it is already installed, open the application.
  • Login or register a new one using a mobile number.
  • Verify by entering the code sent via SMS.

By performing the installation steps as above, you can already enjoy various unique features in it. Make sure to use the latest version of the WA mod application to be safer from account blocking.

Transparant WhatsApp can indeed be an option for those of you who want to try modified WhatsApp. This application was chosen because it offers a unique interface compared to other WA mods.

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