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By downloading the modified Whatsapp iPhone, you can not only enjoy the interface alias like Whatsapp
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31 March 2020
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Who doesn’t have Whatsapp nowadays? Everyone certainly has this application. Basically, Whatsapp features on Android and iPhone are the same. It’s just different. If you have an Android phone but want an iPhone-style look, you can download Whatsapp iPhone modifications.


By downloading the modified Whatsapp iPhone, you can not only enjoy the interface alias like Whatsapp, but also enjoy the charming iPhone themes and special features. Whatsapp indeed released two design versions. The first is the standard design (which is on every Android phone) and the second is on the iPhone.

Whatsapp iPhone Mod Features

There are many advantages that can be obtained from downloading Whatsapp gb iphone for Android. The advantages are as follows:

See Status Deleted

On Whatsapp Story, users can delete unwanted statuses. However, this status can be seen only if you download Whatsapp mod iOs 7, download the apk.

Modification of Online Alerts

When opening or on Whatsapp, users cannot avoid the online status. However, with Whatsapp mod iOs 11 apk and other versions, users can not be seen online even though Whatsapp is on.

Whatsapp key

Afraid of Whatsapp being seen by others secretly? With Whatsapp iPhone Mod, secure conversations with a key method. The available keys are in the form of passwords, patterns, and also fingerprints.

Hidden Message

After downloading Whatsapp iOs mod, users can hide certain messages. This makes the message more private and does not need to be afraid of being seen by others.

Access Themes

By downloading WhatsApp iPhone for Android and downloading the Whatsapp iOs 11 theme, users can access up to thousands of interesting themes. For example, cute themes, dark themes, minimalist themes, and so forth.

Send Messages to Other Than Contacts

The thing that makes Whatsapp a little complicated is the user must first enter a mobile number and then be able to send messages. If the signal is not good, the cell phone takes a long time to integrate contacts.

With Whatsapp mod iPhone style apk, users can directly enter numbers and send messages there.

Sending Images in Bulk

Standard Whatsapp users cannot send messages in the form of images in large numbers. But of course that does not apply in this one Whatsapp application. Users can instead send pictures of more than 30 pieces.

Whatsapp iOs Mod Application Update version 8.11

Initially, there were some bugs in this application that made it not as perfect as the original application. However, the Whatsapp iOs Mod version 7.90 gets the following improvements:


The system on Android phones can ban some unofficial applications, one of which is this kind of modification. However, in the latest version, there is no need to fear being hit by a tire because there is an updated anti-tire system.

The presence of WA Story

In some previous applications, there is no WA story feature. However, in version 7.90 download Whatsapp mod iPhone for Android, users can post WA Story like a native application.

Pictures in Conversation

Images in conversations often experience errors in previous versions. In this latest version it has been fixed and images can be downloaded as in the standard Whatsapp normally. Users can also send photos smoothly.


Some previous versions often experience errors when sending emojis. Sent emojis do not match compressed emojis. In the latest version, this has been fixed and users can send emojis as they are pressed.

How to Download Whatsapp iOs Mod

This version of Whatsapp won’t be found on the Play Store, but can be downloaded here. download RC Fouad Whatsapp mod iOs is a RC Whatsapp application developed by Richar Correa.

Here is a link to download Whatsapp iOs Mod:

Meanwhile, here’s how to install the iPhone theme for Android on Whatsapp

First of all, install RC Fouad Whatsapp. Then agree to the service and enter the phone number
Tap the three dot button on the top right corner
Export iOs theme. Remember, the only thing that can be exported is the .xml format. If you have a theme with the format. Rrar or. Zip, then extract it first to become xml.
Now, Whatsapp with an iPhone theme can be used.

Those are some things that need to be known to download Whatsapp iPhone for Android. By downloading the link provided above, users can enjoy the display of iOS without the hassle of buying an iPhone.

In addition to downloading this Whatsapp iPhone for iOs mod, users can also complete it with various attractive Whatsapp iOs 12 theme downloads.



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