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TeamSpeak is a Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) application for voice communication between individuals on a chat channel.
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Who doesn’t know about the TeamSpeak application? Applications that are usually used by multiplayer gamers, you know. This application is useful for establishing communication with each other through sound during the game. Exciting, right? For that, download TeamSpeak now.


This game makes it easy for players to coordinate between players through voice. So the players will easily get rid of their opponents or complete missions with multiplayer game types.

About TeamSpeak

TeamSpeak is a Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) application for voice communication between individuals on a chat channel. TeamSpeak Apk Crack can be used with a microphone. The user’s software will connect to the server based on the user’s choice.

The target user of the TeamSpeak 3 application is gamers. Because TeamSpeak facilitates gamers to be able to communicate with other players in a multiplayer game. TeamSpeak Client is very lightweight in bandwidth and resource users, so it can run simultaneously with other applications, such as games.

TeamSpeak Features

Lots of, you know, features that are obtained when using TeamSpeak.

High Quality Sound

TeamSpeak 3 3.3.2 has the advantage of good sound. The volume delivered is very clear. The microphone volume feature can be done automatically and this application has low latency.

Text Message

This SMS is useful for sending messages to each member. This feature is still maintained to make it easier for users to coordinate with other players.

High level of security

TeamSpeak Apk has a high level of security. So users do not need to be confused with personal data because the application does not require user data.

Can Be Connected to Multiple Servers

TeamSpeak 3 Apk can be connected to several servers simultaneously. Users can also save favorite servers.

Unlimited File Transfer

To make it easy to exchange information, TeamSpeak provides online file sharing with chat groups without difficulty in the operating system or firewall.

3D Sound Effects

With 3D conversations the sound quality is better than before. This makes it easier for users to detect the sounds delivered by their partners.

Large scale

With a sophisticated client-server model. TeamSpeak 3 Client provides large-scale features to allow thousands of people to join the same conversation. Although in small groups or large groups this application can still run well.

Supports Multiple Platforms

TeamSpeak Server helps users on every platform. Both the cell phone and PC can still be connected to each other.

How to Apply TeamSpeak

It’s easy, after this review will one by one. Listen carefully so as not to confusion in using this application.

Download TeamSpeak

The first thing to do is to download TeamSpeak 3 first. Do not be confused, in the next discussion will be discussed on how to download, so just click on the link provided.

Agree to License Rules

Before the download starts, first accept the TeamSpeak 3 Server rules. Read and understand all the rules in order to know user rights. After that, don’t forget to check the “I Agree” box. Then the download will automatically begin.

Install Client

After the download is complete. The next action is to run the installation file to do the installation.

Run the TeamSpeak Client

Before connecting to the server, the user must first set TeamSpeak to get the best quality from a cellphone or speaker.


If you have previously had TeamSpeak, the setup wizard will start when the user runs the program for the first time. If it has been used before, the setup wizard can be used by clicking Settings and then the setup wizard.

Make a Name

This name is used to be displayed to server administrators and other users. This name is only a display name. Enter the name first before clicking next to continue.

Set Microphone Activation Settings

There are two ways to activate the microphone so that it can be used. The first is Voice Activation Detection (VAD) and Push to Talk (PTT). The difference is that VAD will automatically activate when it detects sound. Whereas PTT must set the lock button to activate the microphone when pressed.

Set Lock Key

When using PTT, click the “No Hotkey Assigned” box. Users can choose any button to be a PTT button except the button used in the game.

Select Sound Package

TeamSpeak Apk Pure will make a sound when the user exits the channel. It will also notify when plugged. Users can choose male or female voice for notifications.

How to Download TeamSpeak

It’s easy to download TeamSpeak. Users only need to click “download” which is available below. Don’t forget to ensure enough memory space.

How to Install TeamSpeak

First download the file by touch on the words “download” available above. Then go to settings select security options and activate unknown sources. Open the apk file that has been downloaded previously then install.

That was the way to Download TeamSpeak 3 v3.3.2 Apk Full Paid Latest Version. Hurry up and download now to complete your favorite game.

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