SBO TV is the right medium for those of you who are bored. This APK application provides a variety of shows in one place. SBO TV APK or also known as Suroboyo TV is a local TV application. In addition, this application also shows a variety of interesting shows in various genres.
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SBO TV is the right medium for those of you who are bored. This APK application provides a variety of shows in one place. SBO TV APK or also known as Suroboyo TV is a local TV application. In addition, this application also shows a variety of interesting shows in various genres.

Through this application, you can watch shows in HD quality or even higher, there are no annoying ads, and of course various IPTV channels that you can access unlimitedly. These advantages clearly make the SBO TV application a favorite of many people and much sought after.


SBO TV is an application in APK format. There is a special way to install it. However, you don’t need to worry because how to install it is not difficult. You can use SBO TV for free without conditions. This application can be a place to find quality free entertainment directly from the HP screen.

Get to know SBO TV Version 1.0 Latest APK

Watching local and international television shows is one of the hobbies of many people. One of the best ways to do this is to stream via a smartphone. Watching TV through Android phones has become a habit for many people and there are no signs of stopping.

SBO TV, which is Suroboyo TV, understands this very well. Instead of being present on television, it is more profitable to be present on the cellphone screen of everyone in Indonesia. SBO TV precisely provides a variety of IPTV quality shows and series that you can access for free and freely through your Android phone.

SBO TV itself is an application version of Suroboyo TV which is a TV from Surbaya, East Java. SBO TV steals the attention of many people because it provides a fairly large and varied number of IPTV channels. The large number of IPTV will certainly attract the interest of many potential users.

Through this TV application, you can watch a variety of quality television shows. The events that are here, including sports competitions, leading television series, interesting films, and quality documentaries. You can see the complete shows and entertainment in this application.

You can enjoy all the shows in this application in one installation. This means that you don’t need to install anything other than the main application. This certainly provides a good experience for the audience. For the most part, these kinds of apps only show free and plain content.

Here, you can get the best content without having to make any additional payments. Streaming can be done at any time without any additional costs. The latest SBO TV version 1.0 APK is the latest version which you can get here and enjoy to the fullest.

It is hoped that the latest edition or version of this TV should appear so that the experience obtained is more optimal. The more channels the experience you get will be better than before. Availability of better football channels and television series will increase the value of this app.

SBO TV Version 1.0 Latest APK Features

SBO TV APK is an application with quite a variety of features and quality. In one place, you can choose and watch channels in various genres and types of viewing. In other words, SBO TV is an app that delivers high quality in every streaming service available.

The features in this application are quite varied and guaranteed to make you not move to another application with similar features and descriptions. If you’re familiar with TV apps and streaming digital channels, then you already know what you’re going to get here. Everything is better here.

Here are the features that you can get and enjoy freely and for free on SBO TV.


1. Diverse IPTV Channels

IPTV channels that are here are quite diverse and varied. You certainly can’t expect that this application only provides a small number of channels. The more varied the channels, the more creative and less boring you will be when watching TV through the latest version 1.0 APK of the SBO TV application.

Here, you can enjoy Western television series and television series from other parts of the world. In addition, there are many sports shows especially football. It is certainly the most sought after TV service. In one place besides watching football, you can watch quality TV series.

Supporting events such as gossip, lifestyle shows, travel and culinary, as well as music events can also be found here. It’s not hard to get the title that this app provides a variety of shows and won’t bore you. If you are not sure, just try to download this application.

2. Free IPTV Channels

The IPTV channel service in this application is completely free. You don’t need to make additional fees or pay again to be able to watch and access the channels that are here. There is no discrimination here where you can freely choose any channel for free.

This is certainly an advantage, the SBO TV APK here already unlocks all the channels from the moment you install and open the app for the first time. So, you don’t have to struggle to be able to open any IPTV channel that you want to watch. Everything is available in full here.

3. Quality Streaming

You can get all the shows in this application with quality streaming quality. You won’t have any trouble or distraction when you watch TV shows connected to the channels listed here. This will certainly make you enjoy quality shows on every available channel.

This good experience gives pleasure and something to remember. You can imagine if you are streaming suddenly you are interrupted because the quality and streaming service you get is of poor quality. You will definitely get a bad experience and the mood is broken.

4. Free, Free, and Unconditional

You can get SBO TV once for free. There is no feature that you have to pay for to enjoy all the services that are here. Besides being able to get it for free, you can also use this application for free. There is no limit whatsoever when using all available channels.

You can freely use any channel and are not bound by any usage or time limits. To use this application, you only need to download it and you can immediately watch all the channels available here. There are no registration and registration requirements whatsoever.

5. High Audio and Video Quality and Etc

Although it is an application intended for Android phones. This application provides high quality video and audio quality. The high quality of audio and video here can increase the experience and enjoyment of playing. You will not be disappointed about the quality of these two aspects.

For video quality, you can watch TV channels in resolutions up to 1080p. To be safe, indeed watching and streaming in 480p quality is enough. This resolution is indeed suitable for use by HP users. From a small screen, the quality looks very clear.

Meanwhile, for quality up to 1080p, it requires a faster data and internet package. If you have then don’t miss this opportunity. SBO TV APK provides great audio quality. You will not feel earache when watching TV here because the sound is of high quality.

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