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PicSay Pro Photo Editor includes a lightweight application that is only 1.8 MB in size. This makes it suitable for use even on Android devices with low specifications.
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Hobby editing photos? Or want photos to be more unique, cool and up to date? You should try downloading the latest PicSay Pro Apk – Photo Editor This is a photo editing application that has many features to make it cool. Curious?


Review PicSay Pro Apk Photo Editor

PicSay Pro Photo Editor includes a lightweight application that is only 1.8 MB in size. This makes it suitable for use even on Android devices with low specifications. In addition, it also features a standard or advanced photo editing feature.

PicSay released two versions. First is a free application, the second version is Pro or paid. You can both get it on Google PlayStore. Both of these versions also have various types. One of them is v1.8.0.5.

Despite having a small size, PicSay Pro Photo Editor has many and more complete features than the original version. This application has a feature advantage, one of which is to crop photos, give effects or filters, give stickers to photos and much more.

How to Download the Latest PicSay Pro Apk Photo Editor

To have this application, you must download at several providers. How:

1. Open the Download Link
Open the link to download PisSay Pro Photo Editor v1.8.0.5 below.

Download the Apk

2. Look for the Download Button in Blue
After opening the link above, look for the white text “download link below”, above the blue button that says “download”. Click the button until a new page or tab appears. Do not let the wrong choice, because sometimes there are many ads next to it.

3. Press ‘Allow’ on the Website Notification
Before going to the next stage, usually the website will provide a notification in the form of “Reject” and “Allow” button. Press “Allow” If the website wants to send notifications on your Android smartphone, to make the download process smooth.

4. Click the Download Link
Look for the words “picsay-pro-1-8-0-5” that appear on the new page or tab. Under the writing, there will be a “Download” button (1.48MB). The button will take you to the actual application file.

5. Wait for the Application Download Process to Complete
After you do the steps above, the application will be downloaded on the device browser. Wait for the download process to finish and make sure your internet connection is in good condition and smooth. Slow internet will cause the connection to be lost and cause damage to the file.

How to Install PicSay Pro Apk Photo Editor

Before you can use it, the downloaded apk must be installed first, by:

1. Install
To be able to install this photo editing application, you first need to have a master apk first. Then just press the file and follow the step by step that has been given.

2. Activate Unknown Sources
Some Android smartphones cannot respond when installing an application, this is due to an unknown source. You have to activate it by opening the “settings”, then go to “security” and check on “Unknown Source”.

3. Install the Apk File
Follow step by step the process of installing the application both free and paid versions. Wait for the installation process to run until finished. Then open the PicSay Pro application v. and happy photo editing.

Features and uses of PicSay Pro Apk Photo Editor

This best application has many advantages that will make it easier for users to do editing. As:

1. Sharpen
Light sensitivity when taking photos sometimes makes photos look faded, so it needs to be sharpened first. The Sharpen feature in PicSay Pro Photo Editor is used to easily solve this problem and get even better.

2. Smooth
Ever experienced the results of photos with a lot of noise? Do not worry, this feature can be overcome by eliminating the problem. As the name implies, with the Smooth feature the photos will be smoother, noise will fade and disappear. However, it must be patient and thorough.

3. Resize
This resize feature is useful if you want to reduce the size of the photo. This is because, some contemporary cellphones and cameras produce photos with an above average size. In addition, the amount can also be adjusted according to your needs.

4. Crop
As the name implies, this feature is certainly useful for cropping photos. In addition, it also acts as a reminder of the annoying view of your best photos. This crop feature will not reduce the quality of photos to be edited. However, the capacity is smaller than before.

5. Sticker
If you want to add ornaments to the photo, this feature will bring up funny effects. The stickers that are provided are very diverse, ranging from in the form of cartoons, objects around, writing and other cute shapes.

6. Contrast / Exposure
This is intended to adjust the color balance of the photo object with the atmosphere around it. Usually, there are photos that have unequal color in visuals, seemingly biased between the object and the atmosphere. By using it, the colors in the photo will be more even.

7. Blur
One of the features in PicSay Pro Photo Editor is useful for bluring or fading out certain objects in the photo. Usually the user most often used after the Crop feature. In addition, it can also create a bokeh effect like a DSLR camera.

8. Brightness
The next most commonly used feature is Brightness. This is useful for brightening photos. You must have taken pictures with dark results and unclear objects right? Brightness can adjust the sensitivity and saturation of the light.

9. Insert Picture
Bored of photos alone? Do not worry, with the Insert Picture feature you can add images or other photos to pair.

10. Effect
With effects or filters added to the image, your photos will be more cool and interesting. PicSay also provides various effects / features according to the needs of each user.

11. Rotate
This feature is useful for changing rotation by rotating or rotating photos. Rotate aims to determine portrait or landscape type images.

12. Fix Red Eye
Taking pictures in a dark place can make a person’s eyes (photo objects) appear red. This certainly will make the photos are not good to be seen. This Red Eye Fix feature can handle it. The eye of the object that was originally red in color will fade and appear dark.

13. Add Text
This feature is useful for adding text to photos. Many people use it to add various types of captions. Starting from motivational words, funny sentences or just adding name tags to photos and so forth.

Even though more and more photo editing applications are popping up now, PicSay still steals hearts and is the choice of many people. The application is lightweight, has a photo editing feature that is no less cool than other applications and is easy to use. This makes a special attraction for some people. And don’t forget to download the latest PicSay Pro Apk – Photo Editor

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