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Freedom of blocking the internet connection of any device connected to a private hotspot network, will make the internet speed much more maximum.
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25 Desember 2019
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Freedom of blocking the internet connection of any device connected to a private hotspot network, will make the internet speed much more maximum. However, most applications of this type require Android to be rooted. The good news, you can download NetCut Pro Mod Apk v1.7.0 No Root.


NetCut Pro Mod Review Apk v1.7.0 No Root

As technology develops, this system appears on a number of Android devices. NetCut can prevent the termination of existing networks. Even so, this interesting application is not widely known, so you don’t need to worry if you want to use it.

This NetCut Pro application is one of the best in its class. Initially popularly used on PCs (Personal Computers) and laptops only. Normally it functions to disconnect the wifi network that is connected by other devices without the will of the owner.

This application is not available for free. You can get NetCut Pro by buying or searching it on Google as a trial file. Or if your friend has an installer file you can ask. Before preparing a large device memory space first.

To overcome the above problems, several third parties created a Mod version (modification) so that users do not need to make payments.

Not only does it cut the network of other devices at private hotspots or wifi, but it can also break even public WiFi so that your connection stays smooth. However, for some people who use it just for fun or to bully their friends.

How to Download NetCut Pro Mod Apk v1.7.0 No Root

Before using it, first have this application by:

1. Download the Latest Version of NetCut Application

Because the latest version of the feature will be more and better than the old version. Some sites that you can visit the download link below, download using a cellular data network or connect to the nearest wifi.

Download it

2. Select Buy

You can freely choose to make purchases for 1 month or a certain period of time. Then the price will appear. Make sure your Android credit balance is sufficient. Follow the installation process to complete (there will be an automatic guide when the process).

3. Click Menu

After the install process is complete, the application will appear in the menu and you can open it. Then select the “menu of patchers” option. Next appears on the new selection screen, which must be pressed is “create ad APK File”. Select “rebuilt for InAPP and LVL emulation”. Press “rebuild the apps”.

4. Completion Process

You will be asked to wait a while after completing the previous steps. This stage is done in order to get the files from the application. All file procurement processes will run automatically. About 1 minute, after all is done click on the “OK” option.

5. Uninstall

After selecting “OK”, a selection will appear on the screen. You are asked to press the “uninstall this apps” menu. Then look for the folder “rebuilt and uninstall” and select the folder in it called “lucky patcher” then select “modified”. Open the folder labeled NetCut Pro Mod as downloaded.

Reinstall the options that are available afterwards. When done, press the home menu on the Android menu or smartphone you have. Then look for applications that have been successfully downloaded and installed. Press all statements that appear with the answer “OK”.

Click the statement of agreement or “allow” in the information that appears on the screen. Don’t forget to also sign in through an existing or created Google account. Enter the application settings menu and check the “fast scan” column to speed up the search.

6. Run

Before use, you will be presented with the appearance of IP Address, Hostname, MAC Address and other supporting data. Especially with regard to computers or Android phones connected to your wiif network or public wifi network that is being used.

How to use NetCut Pro Mod Apk v1.7.0 No Root

NetCut Pro application without root process has an easy way, but cannot be used on any Android device. Because some smartphones that do not support and require you to root in order to get more and more complete features.

For how to use namely:

1. Unknown Source

One of the steps you must take is to put a check mark on this menu in the smartphone security features available. Then run the install process as usual. This is to protect intrusions or viruses from unknown sources which will hinder the install process.

2. Turn on Wifi

After the install process is complete, don’t forget to turn on wifi because cellular data networks usually have less speed. Then connect to the nearest network and don’t forget to do the scanning like the download steps above.

3. Choose an IP

In accordance with the steps that have been explained when a list of existing IPs appears, select the network you want to disconnect from. Press “Cut Offline” directly, then the user cannot access wifi.

How to use Anti NetCut (the opposite of NetCut)

In addition to understanding and knowing the NetCut application to disconnect wifi, you also need to understand how to use Anti NetCut. This is because it will prevent the event of disconnection of the internet connection of personal devices also taken by others, especially if they are fun. That is:

1. Download

The initial step of downloading this application must be accompanied by the use of the WinPCP application. Then do the install process as usual.

2. Application Window

After the process is complete, the Anti NetCut application screen will appear, select the “network adapter”, but the IP Address section is not empty (filled). Click “OK”, this application will automatically protect your device from NetCut attacks.

3. Settings

For further use, you can set it first. Like choosing the “wifi” menu in the settings that are available. Then connect your cellphone to the associated wifi connection.

4. Change network

On a wifi network that has been successfully connected with a smartphone, long enough to appear on the “change network” menu screen. Then select and check the “show advanced options” then scroll down again.

5. Change “After IP” to “Static”

This is important because it will make the cell phone IP address that you have changed. This will result in the device avoiding the NetCut application from any device. While the static mode functions to make the IP Address change.

The advantage of changing IP addresses continuously is that it makes it difficult for those who want to do NetCut on your device network.

Advantages of NetCut Pro Mod Apk v1.7.0 No Root

The following advantages:

You are free to master the desired wifi network, but you should not be misused to cheat others.
If there are several other device connections that are connected to your wifi, if you are not pleased you are free to disconnect it, consequently all bandwidth goes to the personal device.
Avoid slow when you want to browse or download something.
The devices that you disconnect from cannot see and know who the perpetrator is that “cut offline” on the network of devices.

The solution for you if you want to use a wifi network with incredible speed and protect private wifi from unauthorized device connections, how to download NetCut Pro Mod v1.7.0 No Root will help. Good luck.

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