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Naruto x boruto ninja voltage gameplay is a game with RPG genre with real time action. Of course the setting of this game is a story from the Naruto world. Who does not know this very famous anime.
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16 Desember 2019
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Naruto x boruto ninja voltage gameplay is a game with RPG genre with real time action. Of course the setting of this game is a story from the Naruto world. Who does not know this very famous anime. Especially for now the Boruto anime has also emerged, which is a child of Naruto. The excitement of the anime alone has made the packaging fanatic. Then what about the game between Naruto and Boruto?


About the Naruto x Boruto Voltage game

Naruto x boruto ninja game voltage free download is a game with RPG genre. The players not only carry out a mission, but will also get a skill card to collect characters. This skill card awaits will be useful to add skills or abilities of characters in the game. Later the players will be able to choose one character to play. And can be accompanied by 2 NPC characters as teammates. After that the player will adventure to navigate the battlefield and fight the enemy shinobi.

In this game the game is not far from the background story of the Boruto anime. In this Naruto X boruto ninja game voltage free download game the players will start the game by putting together a group. Then the game will begin by seizing territory from other players online.

Later for each character in this game will have special abilities to be used in the battlefield. Like in the anime of the shinobi country, this special ability will be useful to defend and attack the enemy. How to play can be said to be semi-automatic, or can attack the enemy while defending territory.

The battle in the game Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage Mod apk will certainly be very fun. Enemy attacks can be done after being able to pass the defense. Players are also able to set various types of maca traps to fool the enemy. Then, be able to build a defense of the area so that it is not easily attacked by the enemy.

Rewards from this game will certainly be obtained after completing the mission and war against the enemy village. If you successfully complete it all, the player will get all the characters and the defense will level up. Not only that, but it can develop items, skills and abilities of the characters used. Of course, this game will be very fun for shinobi country anime fans. But what about the gameplay of Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage APK?


Talking about the gameplay of Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage apk data will of course be very interesting. According to various player testimonials, this game is quite easy. Especially for players who are familiar with the MOBA genre. Players only need to fight and defeat the enemy team. Then, at the end of the game the player will get resource items that are useful for building Konoha villages. This development will be very important, of course it will affect the improvement of the chakras and money.

The resource items obtained to build the village of Konoha would certainly be able to be used in strengthening fortifications. Then you can add lots of traps to the main point of the enemy attack gate. This step can be done to banish other players who are trying to destroy the village.

Not only that, in the Naruto X Boruto Ninja game the voltage mod player can do the mission that is by attacking other villages. By carrying out attacks it will have a chance to get another character. Like Boruto or Sarada.

The Best Features Of The Game

Players who download Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage games will certainly get a very good quality RPG game. There will be many features that make this game very high quality. Like the features below.

Multi-player feature to fight with friends who number up to 4 players.
Gacha system – each character will have special skills in fighting and developing skills for the team.
Item resources – gathering items will add character skills in battle.
Skill cards – collecting skill cards in this game can make a character become stronger and have great skills.
Different attack effects for each character in the game.

Download the Naruto x Boruto game

With many features that have been explained above, then to get this game can be downloaded via the link below. Then play a lot of fun on the free download voltage ninja.

The name of the game Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage
Version 4.0.1
Action / adventure category
Indonesian (43 others)
Updated date 21 November 2019
Android Required Android 4.4
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Want to feel the thrill of RPG games with the excitement of the shinobi world in the style of Naruto and Boruto, then just download this game using the links that are already available. Of course there will be many games in the MOBA genre. Only on Naruto X Boruto Ninja voltage download apk easily. Have a nice play.

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