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This application was created by Kuroyama and was formalized to be the last name of the Mobile Legends application.
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28 Desember 2019
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One of the games that is currently booming is Mobile Legends. Not only among children, but has spread to adults. Although many other games appear with the same theme, apparently unable to shift its position. If you want to play it, there is an easy way to download the latest Mobile Legends Kuroyama Mod Apk v.3.


Review of Mobile Legends Kuroyama Mod

Games that are experiencing this heyday, have been played by more than 10 million Android users. Because the excitement makes gamers or users feel at home for a long time staring at the tilt screen game.

This application was created by Kuroyama and was formalized to be the last name of the Mobile Legends application. For this latest mod version, making you able to detect the presence of enemies and avoid battles with stronger levels.

When you are a beginner, you need time to adapt or adjust. This is because, the old players or seniors easily attack the lower level players. The exact solution using this Mod application, so as not detected by opponents to play.

How to Download Mobile Legends Kuroyama Mod

This mod application makes it easy for you to do a safe cheat. This is because it provides a feature to purchase “Hero skin” and increase “damage” quickly. So, you can defeat the enemy and it’s all free. For how to download it as follows:

1. Trusted Link

Actually, this application is already available on Google for free. Or there are also many download links available for Mobile Legends Mod Apk. Like on the site. In addition, many other sites can still be found through Google search.

2. Installure Ensure

Make sure first that the latest original Mobile Legends that are not Mod versions have been downloaded by you. This step is done so that the previous data and not asked to update again and result in “replace data”.

3. Open File

Initial steps You must open the Mobile Legends file through the Zarchver application that was previously downloaded. By going to the Android / Data folder then search for the file called “”.

4. Change the Name

The new folder that has been searched must be renamed. Or add a free name behind without giving a space that is “right click and rename”. Press “Ok” and save.

5. Remove Application

After changing the file name, the application that needs to be deleted is located in the main menu section of the smartphone screen. By long pressing then sliding to the eraser icon or trash can. This menu is usually at the top.

How to Install Mobile Legends Kuroyama Mod

Before playing it, you must install it on your Android device. Here are the steps:

1. Install Kuroyama Mobile Legends

Go and find the file that was downloaded earlier. Usually located in the download folder on each smartphone. After that, just press it. It will automatically appear install writings from unknown sources.

The next step, you must first disable the “unknown source” feature in settings or settings by searching for the unknown source option. Then return to the folder and find the file that has been downloaded and done the installation.

2. Delete the Back Letter

You must delete the letters in the file when renaming or renaming earlier. This aims to make the folder name as it was originally read or detected by the latest Mobile Legends Mod.

3. Open the Application

Please open the Mobile Legends Mod V.3 file which has been installed. If a female anime image appears, then a sign that the application installation is successful or successful. You can check it in classic / ranked (Tested) mode.

Advantages of Kuroyama Mobile Legends Mod

The large number of advantages makes more and more players use this application. US:

1. Studying Monsters

Games don’t always have a bad impact on users. This application allows you to see types of monsters that are stronger in certain maps than the original version of the Mobile Legends application.

Besides that, you can also learn the movements of monsters and know how to defeat them. So, can find any skills or abilities possessed by these monsters.

2. Thorough Item

In addition to the advantages above, you can also find out the strength of the Hero without first buying paid items, because all can be obtained free of charge. You are also able to know what effects occur when a weapon or item is used.

3. Have fun

Satisfaction when easily defeating opponents using this type of Mobile Legends Mod Apk v.3 application makes players feel happy. Even the chance of getting MVP is higher than using the original version.

4. Gold and Diamonds

One of the most beneficial effects is needed when buying equipment. Also Hero Skin with a very strong additional status. This is advantageous in combat, because it will be easier to defeat the enemy.

The normal way to get gold and diamonds is to collect little by little, when farming by defeating monsters or enemies on the map. However, if you want quickly you can buy at a price that is quite expensive.

Features in Kuroyama Mobile Legends Mod

What are the features in it? Check out the following reviews:

The process is smooth. Even if you have the original or official file, the use of this application will not interfere.
Hidden Cheat. When doing a cheat, it will not be seen by other players or players. In fact, the system is not able to detect. However, still the quality of players and playing skills affect.
Mini Map. This mini map function allows you to see the whereabouts of the enemy without interrupting the playing process.
Avoiding Ambush. When playing Mobile Legends using this version of the application will also make it easier to trap the enemy.

How to use Kuroyama Mobile Legends Mod

Here’s an easy way to play the game:

1. Security Menu

When you have found the application on Google and followed the terms or installation guidelines, select the “security” section and check the “unknown source” column. Then don’t forget to copy the Obb file to the Obb gadget folder located in the Android> Data> Obb section.

2. Understand the Types of Hero

You must understand the main role of the Hero that will be used, because it is responsible for protecting friends. Hero fighter has the ability to kill opponents very quickly. He is also able to survive when attacked by mobs.

In addition, it can also replace the tank position by advancing at the very front when your team doesn’t know where to go.

3. Finding Position

For beginners, it’s best not to learn about assault first. However, it is enough to try to defend while guarding the tower that the opponent wants to steal.

4. Farming to taste

The essence of this game is to use good collaboration skills. You should not only focus on farming, but also pay attention to friends not to sacrifice the team.

That’s a glimpse of downloading the latest Mobile Legends Kuroyama Mod APK V.3. Hope you can add a reference when you want to play this type of game. And make sure, smartphones also have quite high specifications.

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