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Marvel is a company engaged in the entertainment universe since 22 years ago. Fans of his work are spread all over the world.
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24 Desember 2019
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Marvel is a company engaged in the entertainment universe since 22 years ago. Fans of his work are spread all over the world. One form of love for Marvel fans one of which is manifested by Download Marvel Strike Force.


Yes, in addition to the super cool movie series The Avengers, Marvel also released a game called Marvel Strike Force Mod. The game is very exciting and challenging. It could be a solution to make the mind fresh again before continuing the work. It is very suitable to fill spare time than most sleep.

Review of Marvel Strike Force

Marvel Srtike Force is a turn-based mobile role-playing game by FoxNet for the Android and iOS platforms. In Strike Force Mod Apk each superhero can release his own special attack. After the player has taken a turn to play, then it is the turn of the opponent who will advance and attack.

Marvel Strike Force Apk is a game that is extraordinary in many ways. The direct and addictive way to play and the attractive graphics plus is well integrated by well-designed character designs.

Marvel Strike Force Hack Pro tells the story of superheroes and supervillain who are determined to save the earth from alien attacks.

Marvel Strike Force features

The next discussion is about the features of Marvel Strike Force Hack.

The Power of Evolution. Dress and increase super heroes and super villains to be stronger than before. Structural dominance. Players can create a pair of super heroes and super villains to make combo moves to repel enemies.

Epic Combat. Feel the innovative cinematic gameplay experience, because the hero unlocks dynamic chain combos with one tap.

Tips and Tricks to Play Marvel Strike Force

The next discussion is about how to play Marvel Strike Force Mod Apk tips and tricks. To make it easier to play Strike Force Mod Apk and be a winner. The following are tips and tricks.

Focus on daily missions. By completing daily missions players will get rewards such as gold, training modules, orbs, energy campaigns, shards, and adding XP. So, if you expect to level up quickly, it’s better to focus on daily missions.

Unlock new characters. Opening new characters can be done using shards. Getting shards is indeed not easy. To get it players must complete missions such as Campaign Mode, Daily Objectives, Achievements, Events, and many more. Can also use orbs that can give shards. Shards can be used to upgrade characters that you already have. The stronger the character, the higher the star level is needed.

Always raise the level of character at every opportunity. By raising the level of character the player will have a very strong and invincible army. The action that can be done is to increase the character’s skills. How to increase character skills can use the training module or use gear.

Complete challenges. By completing challenges the player will get additional resources. At the completion of these challenges the player can choose the mission with the desired reward.

A quick way to level up. To quickly level up, players can select “Roster” on the left of the screen, then choose a character. After that, click the find button in the empty slot (used to search gear). After that the player can see the existing missions and choose what they want. Then tap the “Auto Win” button after which you will get a reward including adding XP.

Form a solid team. In one team, there is at least one character with a protector type, a character that can do taunts and reduce damage, and a healer type, a character that can heal. This can be done depending on the fight faced. But if you lose, you can try different characters.

Tips for winning the fight

Being a winner is indeed not an easy thing. However, there are always ways if you want to try.

Well, tips to win the battle and get three stars on Strike Force Apk are: the first thing to do is to recognize the character and skill of the hero they have. Get to know the enemy and make a good strategy during the fight. Attack enemies one by one. Because by reducing the enemy it means that it will reduce the amount of damage received by the player’s troops. And the last is to use attacks that can attack many enemies, such as the grenade launcher owned by the punisher.

Download the Marvel Strike Force

After learning how to play and tips on how to win, in this section I will review about how to Downloas Marvel Strike Force. The following is a link that you can use to download.

Download Marvel Strike Force Mod Apk v3.6.2 (Energy / Skill / Attack) Download
Size of 120 Mb

How to Install Marvel Strike Force

To install, there are several steps that must be done. First download the Apk file above. Then go to the settings menu click security options, and activate no source. The next step is to install the apk by pressing the green button that says “Agree and Continue”. Wait for the install process to finish, after that Marvel Strike can be played.

That was the way to Download Marvel Strike Force. What are you waiting for download now and enjoy the excitement of playing Strike Force Apkpure.

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