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Well, Link2SD is here to overcome the existing problems. How to add internal memory yourself is not too difficult
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24 Desember 2019
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Nowadays, people are increasingly downloading things on the internet. For example photos, videos, and music to their cellphones which causes fast full internal storage. To overcome this, you can download Link2sd Plus V.4.3.4 Apk Full Unlock + Patcher.


What is Link2SD Plus V.4.3.4?

At present, the size of downloaded applications is getting bigger so that it will quickly use up the capacity of HP internal storage memory. This is certainly very detrimental, especially for you who have an Android smartphone with a small memory.

Well, Link2SD is here to overcome the existing problems. How to add internal memory yourself is not too difficult, as long as your Android device has been rooted. With this application, you can move files, photos, videos and so on from internal memory to SD card.

That way, the space in internal memory will increase and the user can install other applications. But before using this, you are required to divide the SD card partition first.

How to Download Link2SD Plus V.4.3.4?

This application must be downloaded manually because it is not available on PlayStore. How to download Link2sd Plus V.4.3.4 Apk Full Unlock + Patcher latest is very easy. You just need to follow these steps:

1. Your Android must be rooted

2. Make sure you have entered your Google account on Android.

3. Open the settings on the Android phone, then change the installation by checking unknown source. If so, please proceed to stage 2.

4. Download the Link2sd Plus V.4.3.4 Apk Full Unlock + Patcher application at the download link that is available below

5. Don’t exit the download window when the application is in the process of being downloaded and wait a few minutes for it to finish.

How to Partition Link2SD Plus V.4.3.4

Here is an easy and simple partitioning method for this application:

1. Partition with PC

Download the Minitool Partition Wizard application first.
After a successful download, install the application.
Connect the SD card to a PC using a card reader.
Back up all files contained on the SD card, then format.

Divide the partition into 2 parts. The trick, select your micro SD card drive, then click the Move / Resize option. After that, specify the desired partition size.
Determine the format of the partition. The trick, right-click on the ‘unallocated’ drive, then select create.
There you will see various options such as partition label, drive letter, cluster size and others.
To make it an additional drive, then make the Create As option as ‘Primary’ and the File System option as ‘FAT32’.

If you want to make the partition for Link2SD needs, then make the Create As option ‘Primary’ and the File System option ‘Ext2’.
For other options just ignore it and leave it as default. Press OK when done.

Complete the process by pressing the ‘Apply’ button. Wait a few moments until the process is complete.
2. Partitioning without a PC
Download the Aparted application. You can download it on the ‘Google Play Store’.
Click the “+” button to add a new partition. Fill in the size and format of the partition in accordance with what you want.
Perform these steps again if you want to add a new partition.

As explained above, select the FAT32 format for storing data and select the ext2 / ext3 / ext4 format for Link2SD purposes.
After all processes are done, click “Apply Changes” to agree to start. Wait a few moments to finish.

Link2SD Plus Features V.4.3.4

There are several features provided by this one interesting application. Here are a few:

Link apk, dex and lib files from the application to the SD card.
Internal application data link to the SD card (Plus).
External data links and application and game obb folders to the SD card (Plus).
Dex file link from the system application for the SD card (Plus).
Auto cache service (Plus).
The application is automatically newly installed link (optional).
Move each user application to SD even if the application does not support moving to SD (“moving power”).
Shows applications that support moving to SD with native App2SD.
Set the default install location of the application; auto, internal or external.
Batch link, disconnect, reinstall, uninstall, “move to SD”, “move to mobile” function.
Notifications when a mobile application is installed.
Uninstall system application (removal of bloatware).
Freeze and Un-freeze systems and application users.
Convert system applications into user applications.
Convert user applications to system applications.
Integrate “Updated” system applications into the system (ROM).
Clear application data and cache.
Clear data batches and caches from selected applications.
Delete all cache applications at once (1-tap clean cache without root).
Exception list for “Delete all application cache” function.
Remove cache widget (1-tap clean cache without root).
Notification if the amount of cache size exceeds a certain size.
Reboot Manager includes power off, normal reboot, fast (hot) reboot, reboot recovery, restart bootloader / download mode.
Reboot widget to boot with one click.
List application, showing detailed size information and links.
Various options for sorting and filtering applications.
Search application by name.
Display space information available from internal storage, SD card and SD card partition2.
Divide the Play Store link or APK (complete package app) file from the application.
Create a shortcut for the application.
Support 40+ languages
How to Use Link2SD Plus V.4.3.4

The following are the steps that must be followed when you want to use the Link2SD Plus V.4.3.4 application to move various contents on a smartphone that is starting to fill up.

Make sure your Android Smartphone is rooted.
External memory / SD card that has been partitioned.
Next, make sure you have downloaded and installed the application.
Open the Link2SD application. If there is a request for permission from Super SU, select GRANT, then you can choose the partition type.
Link2SD will display “Select the file system of your SD card’s second partition”.
Reboot your Android phone.
Now just move the application you want to move.
Version of Link2SD Plus V.4.3.4

This file transfer application to the SD card Link2SD Plus V.4.3.4 has several types and versions with their respective features and advantages. There are 4 types of versions which are old releases of Link2SD Plus V.4.3.4.

Link2SD v4.0.3
Link2SD v0.12
Link2SD v0.13
Link2SD v3.5.2

Thus a review of how to download Link2sd Plus V.4.3.4 Apk Full Unlock + Patcher latest. along with how to create partitions, use and features. Hopefully it can be useful for you to reduce the excess content on an Android smartphone.

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