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This social media application that connects people in cyberspace is ranked first compared to other social networks.
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30 Desember 2019
Android 4.5 and Up

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This social media application that connects people in cyberspace is ranked first compared to other social networks. For those of you who don’t have it or haven’t updated yet, you can download the latest Instagram Mod Apk V10.14.0 Android.


Review Instagram Mod Apk v10.14.0

This mod application is not a supporter of Instagram that already exists. But it is an Instagram apk file that has been modified by a creative hand, so it is equipped with additional features that are not owned by standard Instagram.

There are many best Instagram mods that can be used like GBInstagram or commonly abbreviated as GB Insta, Instagram Plus and OGInstagram or known as OG Insta. All three have almost the same features.

Given that Instagram users are increasingly adding, also almost all circles use this type of social media. The Instagram application always makes innovative and creative changes, to make its users not switch to other social media applications.

Difference between Instagram MOD Unclone and Clone

So Instagram mod is divided into two namely clone and unclone. Clone is GB Insta and OG Insta. While Instagram plus and GBInsta plus are classified as unclone.

If you choose to use the IG MOD type unclone, the installation process must first uninstall or uninstall the standard Instagram from PlayStore. This is because the unclone version of this mod has the same APK package name as standard Instagram.

However, if you prefer to use the Clone version of the Instagram mod application, you can install 2 Instagram applications on 1 device. So, there are 2 Instagram applications that can be used with 2 different accounts, both of which are equally active.

How to Download Instagram Mod Apk v10.14.0

To be able to download the Instagram mod application, you don’t need to pay a certain fee because it’s free. In addition, it is also popularly known as transparent Instagram. This is different from how to download standard Instagram in general.

That can not be obtained from the PlayStore application. But through the sites that provide it. Like

If you have just click download then wait for the process to run. Don’t forget to agree to all statements that appear related to this application.

Specifications for Instagram Mod Apk v10.14.0 Android Latest Version

If at least one of the required smartphone specifications is not met, then the Instagram application download will fail.

Operating system. To download the Instagram application, at least have the Android operating system Froyo or 2.2.

Device Support. At a minimum the device supports the OpenGL ES2.0 system.

Resolution. The maximum supported resolution is 2,048 x 2,048.

How to use Instagram Mod Apk v10.14.0 Android Latest Version

The next step after the installation process stops, you will be asked to open the application or the option listed “open”. The application will automatically open. If so, enter the email and password, but it is intended for users who already have it.

Meanwhile, if you don’t have one, please register first by pressing the register Now button below the entry. Fill in any questions that exist, such as full name, identification, telephone number and so on.

Don’t fill in using false information because your account will be in an insecure position. In addition, if you have registered, login using your email and password. You have automatically registered as an Instagram user.

Features of Instagram Mod Apk v10.14.0 Android Latest Version

1. Face Filter

One of the newest features on Instagram is face filter. If you have ever played Snapchat, certainly no stranger to this one. An effect that makes a person look funny when the camera is facing his face. One of the uniqueness that can make users interested.

2. Rewind

The feature that serves to reverse video on Instagram is quite funny when used. Because the video will be displayed from back to front. For example if someone is recorded walking using the rewind effect, it will look like stepping back.

Sometimes many women use it in the style of tying the hair that was originally unraveled, so that when rotated it will appear the hair from the tie will be neatly arranged once removed.

3. Boomerang

No less popular with other features, boomerang is also preferred by many users especially for posing. Only by moving certain parts of the body or face for 2 to 3 times, such as eyes, cheeks, lips, eyebrows and so on.

The results displayed will be like someone who does many activities with the same pattern. If the shooting matches the moment, the video displayed will be interesting. However, this effect is not accompanied by a silent alias.

4. Hashtags

This hashtag feature only exists on Instagram stories, which allows users to place stickers by placing the hashtag on top of the sticker. In addition, Insta Story posts that you upload can be found by other users using the hashtag that was created.

5. Eraser Brush

One of the menus in Insta Story that inspires the next is that you can delete parts of the photo you want to post. By forming shapes such as certain letters or images.

Then it is applied directly using a finger or pencil note on the mobile phone equipped with this facility.


In a personal account, in addition to the home page to view the posts of all users that you follow or follow, there is also a save icon or bookmark to place all photos, videos, posts that you have seen and saved.

This can be used when you like a post and want to see it again one day. No need to bother looking for an Instagram account that is posted, just search in the private bookmark column. And happy again, this bookmark can only be known by the account owner.

7. Message Deleted Automatically

Instagram also presents a message feature that can be deleted automatically. Can be applied by first entering the direct message icon (to receive and send messages). Then, use the blue camera menu to send messages in the form of photos or videos.

After being read or viewed by the recipient’s account, the photo or video will be deleted automatically and cannot be seen again. However, if you use the gray camera icon, the message will be sent permanently.

8. Post Lots of Content

Besides being able to collect a lot of photos and videos in a personal account and can be watched by many people, in one post it can also be used to post photos or videos with a large number, which is a maximum of 10. The trick is just to mark what you want to upload.

This feature gives users the opportunity if they want to post some photos and videos that they want to collect into 1. For example, which have similar themes or almost the same color gradation.

9. Instagram without the Internet

The Instagram application can still be used even without an internet quota. However, it is only for a few purposes. Like giving likes and comments on a post, editing photos or videos on Insta Story, then uploading them. But it will only appear after connecting to the internet.

Lots of cool features that make users seem to not want to move from this one application. If you’re curious, just try to download the latest Instagram Mod Apk V10.14.0 Android.

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