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Google Play Store itself basically has been installed in Android phones since production in the factory.
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Have an Android phone? In order for the phone to be operated optimally, downloading the Google Play Store must be done immediately. Play Store functions as a provider of content available on Android phones. Content in the form of games, applications for everyday life, and entertainment, all in the Google Play Store.


The applications available in the Google Play Store are also relatively small, optimized for mobile phones. Certainly different from applications for computers that are very large size.

Google Play Store itself basically has been installed in Android phones since production in the factory.

Google Play Store function

What are the functions of the Google Play Store? Lots, even very crucial for cell phones and other types of Android devices. Check out the benefits of the Google Play Store here:

Search for Games

Many free and paid games on the Play Store can be chosen as desired. Just tap on the game section to see the recommendation game. Or, just search for the game name in the search field.

Download the application

It must be admitted that many life problems are easily overcome by the presence of an Android device. Designing, writing, and even organizing work is easy thanks to smart apps on the Play Store.

Watch movies and read books

Doing two fun hobbies that can be started from the Play Store. Tap on the movie and book menus to buy books and movie collections. Prices are far more affordable than buying books and films in physical form.

Problems with the Google Play Store

When buying an Android phone, Play Store is automatically installed inside. So, sometimes people no longer need to Download the Google Play Store.

However, there are conditions where downloading the Google Play Store for Android must be done. And this is a fairly common case.

For example, the default Google Play Store suddenly experiences a freeze. Cannot be used to search let alone download applications. Then, there are also cases when the Google Play Store just disappears.

Wanted everywhere, for some reason this application was not found. This is frustrating and especially downloading Android trusted applications where the Play Store is.

If you have this, the solution is to download the Latest Google Play Store with the help of a browser.

Things That Cause Play Store Malfunction

Some things make us have to download Google Play Store APK mirror on the Internet. Here are some common things that are the source of the Play Store malfunction on mobile:

Cellphone Too Old

There are some Android phones that cannot do automatic software updates. This is caused by devices that are already old school.

Play Store in the end can not be updated automatically. This makes it freeze suddenly.


No one can guess where the bug from the cellphone came from. If you are not sure, your phone can get a bug, then suddenly the Play Store disappears.

In addition to being suddenly lost, it often happens that the Play Store cannot search for applications as desired. The warning seems like there is no signal, even though the Internet signal is fine and can operate other things such as a browser.

Cellphone too full

If the storage is too full of data, not to mention the Google account that is used too much, then this will adversely affect the phone. In addition to being slow, the Play Store can disappear suddenly. If you have this, the solution is to download the Google Play Store Mod

Download the Google Play Store Apk Latest Mod Full Optimized Free and the Latest

Do you want to download Play Store for free easily? Here is the download link for the new Google Play Store full optimized version 17.6.19. File size does not take up much space.

How to Install the Google Play Store on a Mobile Phone

After downloading, it is time to install the Google Play Store app on your mobile. The installation tips are very easy to follow:

Tap on the application that has been downloaded

The newly downloaded application will be in the Downloads folder or will still be visible in the notification. To start installing, don’t forget to tap.

Give permission to install applications from other sources

So that the application can be installed, then give permission from the Settings section. Default Android usually prohibits downloading applications from parties other than Play Store. To download the Google Play Store Pro, this must be changed.

Wait a minute

The installation process does not take long. Wait a moment until the Play Store is installed on the mobile.

Play Store already installed on mobile

If the Play Store is installed, open it to check whether the application is running properly.

Benefits of Google Play Store Updates

In addition to solving the problem of the Play Store missing suddenly / freezing, updating the Play Store can also be done when there are no problems.

Nothing wrong with downloading the old version of the Google Play Store. However, old versions are often out of date. There are no new features, rather slow, and some applications cannot be searched.

So, there is no harm in installing the latest Play Store. This will make it easier for users to enjoy Play Store services optimally.

That’s the easy way to download the latest Google Play Store. No need for complicated tools, just have the default browser or other installed browser.

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