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Referring to adrenaline does not have to be on the track, but can be done only by playing games.
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22 Desember 2019
Android 4.1 and Up
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Referring to adrenaline does not have to be on the track, but can be done only by playing games. One of them is Indonesia’s 201M Drag Bike Game which is much in demand. In fact, now there is a more attractive version of the mod.


The game can be played on an Android smartphone. However, you have to download the 201M Indonesia Mod Drag Bike Game Apk before playing it.

Game Review Drag Bike 201M Mod Apk Latest Version

The Drag Bike 201m Mod Game Motor Indonesia Version is the work of a nation that is no less interesting when compared to other Android games. The game was edited and modified by Rizky Mosh who is currently on the rise among Drag game lovers.

This game is famous for having a 3D graphics quality that is so good. Detailed image of the motorbike also looks like the original and is equipped with qualified features. So, it is no less interesting when compared to other similar games.

This one game is highly recommended for anyone who likes the world of racing, especially Drag motorcycles. Through this application, you can compete with your opponent to be the fastest and successfully climb to the podium.

If you are interested, now the game has spread version with mod version apk or modified version. After installing, gamers can immediately feel the sensation of colliding with the speed using a drag motor. In this game, you will also be very easy to choose the motor used. Interestingly, vehicles with Indonesian characteristics are provided.

How to Download the Drag Bike Game 201M Mod Apk

In order to enjoy this game and its features, you are required to download it. The download process is also fairly easy. Here are the steps:

First you can download the Game Drag Bike 201M Mod apk using the link link on a trusted official site.
Download below
Download it
After downloading, open the apk file on your smartphone.
Furthermore, you can activate it from an untrusted source by going to settings> security> tick unknown source

How to Install the Drag Bike Game 201M Mod Apk

After you have finished downloading the Game Drag Bike 201M Mod apk, the next steps must be installed, the following steps:

1. First, make sure the Mod APK file has been downloaded correctly via the link above.
2. If it has been downloaded correctly, before installing don’t forget to enable the unknown source feature.
3. The method is quite easy, namely enter the settings menu> Additional settings> privacy.
4. After that install the APK file.

Features Inside

The motor provided is a full drag bike 201m.
This game is equipped with accompaniment music.
The audience looks like real people who watch motor racing games.
Drag motor used in this game is typical of Indonesia such as Satria Fu, Vixion, Jupiter Mx, Jupiter Z, Ninja R and so on.
Changes to background music.
Change in career map.
The Mod version has unlimited money.

How to Play the Game Drag Bike 201M Mod Apk

Different types of games, it is also different how to use it. Similarly, this one game. Here are the easy steps:

  1. Enter the Drag Bike Game 201M Mod application Apk.
  2. Select the motor to be used.
  3. Then compete with the opponent on the race track.
  4. If you want to always win in the 201m Drag Bike, then you must know the timing switch on the drag motor gear used.
  5. Take advantage of the unlimited money feature to buy whatever items are needed.

Smartphone Specifications Required

This Drag Bike 201m Indonesia Mod Apk game has a file size of 21MB version 2.0 and requires Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or higher which is equipped with a minimum of 3GB RAM. 32 GB ROM, 400 mAh Battery and a screen size of at least 6 Inches Full HD.

For versions less than specified specifications, usually when the installation process can not be done (failed). If it can, sometimes the phone will be slow and there tends to be a number of problems, such as lagging.

Similar Types of Games

Other types of drag motor games that you can use are as follows:

1. Indonesian Drag Bike Racing

This game is also the work of Indonesian children and brings a special racing segment to the drag racing motorbike. It has pretty good graphics and lots of positive reviews from 2,480 reviews until early 2019.

The appearance and method of use are also similar to the 201m Drag Bike Game. However, the most striking differences are in the type of vehicle and some existing circuit tracks. For mobile phone specifications are also almost the same.

2. Drag Racing: Bike Edition

The advantages of this game are that it comes with a neat virtual accompanied by 3D effects. The development of this game has prepared 70 interesting motorcycles from world motorcycle manufacturers such as Kawasaki, Ducati, Aprilia, Beneli and some Retro custome motorcycles.

You could say this game has a foreign theme. When playing, you cannot open all the vehicles in it. But by conquering some of the racing events that have been provided.

3. Moto Drag Racing Free

This game is no less interesting because it comes with graphics so neat. In addition, it is also free and offers convenience when operating on your mobile.

You can also adjust the design of the motor with several colors and other parts. However, it can all be obtained when winning several racing contests in each series. The more adept at playing, the greater the chance of upgrading.

4. Moto Traffic Race 2

Moto Traffic Race is also a racing game that is already very popular. Although not including a drag motor game, but it presents a circuit or the track is just straight. In addition, it is also very simple so that it goes into the best game.

The size of the application is also not too large. This makes it possible for some users who only have small cellphone specifications and not too large memory. How to play it is also fairly easy, even for beginners though.

5. Extreme Motorbike Jump 3D

This game has been rated at Google Play Store at 98,702. Extreme motorbike Jump 3D focuses on action rather than racing and has provided many interesting characters.

This application can be downloaded for free. However, there are some items that require a fee. Don’t worry, it’s not too expensive and even tends to be cheap. If it feels heavy, just use a free motorbike.

That’s how to download Game Drag Bike 201M Indonesia Mod in Apk. Hopefully the above description can be understood and can add to the information of all readers.

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