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Whatsapp is now an application that is downloaded by more than one billion people in the world.
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16 Apr 2021
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Whatsapp is now an application that is downloaded by more than one billion people in the world. Whatsapp is able to beat the popularity of BBM even replacing conventional telephone and SMS culture. However, to optimize the experience with Whatsapp, you can download FMWhatsapp.


FMWhatsapp 2021 is a non-official Whatsapp application with many features. Some things that can’t be done on the original Whatsapp, can be done here. So as not to be confused, let’s consider the review of this magical application.

FMWhatsapp Special Features

Basically, all the features in the official Whatsapp made by Play Store can be enjoyed on FMWhatsapp. However, even more interesting, there are many other special features of the latest FMWhatsapp apk

which won’t be available in the official version. These features include:

Theme Customization

On the official Whatsapp, users can only change the wallpaper on the chat. In this case, FMWhatsapp is superior. Not just wallpaper, themes can be changed with a variety of interesting choices. You can even download Doraemon’s FMWhatsapp

Customization of the theme makes Whatsapp more colorful. Text messaging becomes even more fun. Moreover, when it has been updated from FMWhatsapp 6.67 apk download

File Sharing

Whatsapp is a multifunctional messenger application. Various things can be sent via Whatsapp ranging from documents, contacts, photos, videos, to sound.

However, there are files that cannot be sent via Whatsapp, for example files in the APK format. This is different from FMWhatsapp.

With the download of FMWhatsapp, the types of messages that can be sent are quite varied. Files with APK format can even be sent. In addition, if the official file size limit that can be sent via Whatsapp is only 45MB, then that can be sent by FMWhatsapp to reach 700MB

Secure Whatsapp

Whatsapp officially has no special security. This is different from this modification Whatsapp. With FMWhatsapp, users can lock Whatsapp.

Not only that, users can also hide their online status and typing status, so they will not be seen when typing messages or when opening Whatsapp.

Variative Group

Groups created on the original Whatsapp tend to be monotonous. This is different from the group created in this modified version. Groups can be changed by theme and color.

In addition, groups can also be added by members or members more than the maximum number of members on the original Whatsapp. In this version, it is updated from the latest 2018 FMWhatsapp application download.

FMWhatsapp Cloning function

This is something special about downloading FMWhatsapp v7 21 and above versions. Users can choose two things: use double Whatsapp on mobile with two different numbers, or use Whatsapp with this modification application instead of the official app.

If you want to clone Whatsapp, you only need to download and install the FMWhatsapp application then enter another number.

Meanwhile, if you want to use it as the main Whatsapp without losing Whatsapp, you can back up your messages in Google Drive first.

Then, when downloading FM WA, users only need to insert a backup file from the drive so all conversations can be restored.

Download the Latest FMWhatsApp (FMWA) v8.5 Anti Ban Latest Version

Some Android devices can ban the FMWhatsapp application because it is considered unofficial. However, the file listed here is the latest version of FMWA which will not be banned or blocked.

Here is a link to download the latest version of the FMWhatsapp application on various versions of the device.

How to Install and Use the Latest FMWhatsApp (FMWA) v8.5 Anti Ban Latest Version

Installing FMWA to your phone is very easy to do, just like installing Whatsapp normally. How to use FMwhatsapp is as follows:

Enter settings

To download this application, you must first give permission to the device to install from an unknown source. Allow device to download from other than Google Play Store.

Click on the link

After allowing the device, now is the time to click on the link provided to install the application on the device.

Enter phone number

After agreeing to the terms and conditions, it is time to enter the mobile number. Make sure the number is active and will indeed be used as the Whatsapp number. Notifications will be received and the user must enter the code.

After passing all the steps, now FMWhatsapp can be used. Don’t forget to modify FMWA as you wish, from color modifications, themes, to privacy.

Downloading FMWhatsapp won’t make the phone lagging, and everything remains the same as when using the official Whatsapp released on Play Store.

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