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24 Desember 2019
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Want to listen to songs, but can’t because the memory card doesn’t have enough space? Or are you lazy to download the songs? Quiet. Now there is a sound player application that is highly recommended for readers. To have it very easy, just download Fildo Pro.


The application is cool, making it easy for users to search various genres. The songs available at Fildo Pro are not only local songs, but also foreign songs. So, users can easily search for songs that they want to play.

Review About Fildo Pro

Fildo Apk is a music service application that can be enjoyed both streaming and offline. This is beneficial, because that way, users can use this application offline such as when on an airplane, in the middle of a forest, or in remote areas that do not have an internet network.

Besides being able to be listened to offline, Fildo can also be used streaming without having to download it first. That means, for users who have mobile phones with limited memory capacity, can still listen to like-songs without having to take up space.

Fildo Pro Apk provides thousands of songs. Starting from the genre of pop, RnB, dangdut, blues, jazz, and many more. All available on this application songs from all countries.

Want to listen to songs that can be as exciting as jazz? There is. Want to play mellow songs indie-style children, there is also. Want anything, nothing is not there.

Fildo Apk Mod provides favorite and latest songs. So don’t be afraid to miss it, because the songs in it are always up-to-date. Old or old songs are also available on this application. Just type in the search field, then users can enjoy their favorite songs.

On the Latest Fildo Apk, users can download favorite songs easily. Users just choose to download a single song or album.

Advantages of Fildo

It’s time to talk about Fildo’s strengths. There are so many advantages in Fildo Mod Apk Latest. So don’t hesitate to have it.

No need to worry, of the many paid applications, Fildo Pro Apk Mod includes a free application, aka free. With this advantage, users can explore and download all types of Mp3 without limits.

Furthermore, the advantage of this application is that it has a very good user interface. Lazy listening to music for fear of the battery runs out quickly? Now is the time to throw away such assumptions. This application does not consume a lot of battery. Users can enjoy music without fear of running out of battery. Also, be aware if this application does not take up RAM space at all.

In the latest version, Fildo has better multimedia playback quality than the previous version.

Fildo Pro features

After knowing the reviews and advantages, it’s not complete if it does not discuss about the features available in Fildo Mod Apk.

This application has many features that can be felt by each user. Fildo has superior features to facilitate users while operating this application. Its features are very cool and adequate. The following are the features that Fildo has.

There is a search field, which makes it easy for users to find favorite songs. So users do not need to scroll further down and search one by one. Just write in the search box, the desired Mp3 will appear. With this feature users can find the desired Mp3 faster.

The next feature is that users can play songs by album, genre, folder, and singer name. So, everything is summarized in one place and in accordance with the genre and name of the singer.

There is a playlist feature. In this feature the user can enter any favorite music in the list. So it is easy to find and play.

Users can also change the music playback settings which were originally sorted to be random. This is adjusted to the user’s wishes.

In the latest version there are additional features. If the user is getting bored with the default background, Fildo users can change the background as desired. For a variety of backgrounds, Fildo already provides and users just have to choose.

How to Download Fildo

After learning about Apkpure’s Fildo Pro features, this section will discuss how to Download Fildo. Now there is the latest release from Fildo which is version 3.8.6 Music Mp3 Streaming Latest.

To download it is very easy. Below is a link to download. Simply by touching “Download” then the Fildo apk file will be downloaded. Please note that Dildo Pro Apk 3.8.6 Latest Mp3 Music Streaming requires android system 4.0 or more. Don’t forget to ensure enough memory space for the downloaded file.

How to Install Fildo

After downloading the file, Fildo Mod cannot be used yet. Why is that? Because there is still one more stage in order to operate Fildo. The next step is to install it first. You do this by going to settings, clicking on security options, then activating unknown sources. After that, the file can be installed. Wait a few moments and Fildo Pro Apk 3.8.6 Latest Mp3 Music Streaming can be used.

That was the way to Download Fildo Pro Apk 3.8.6 Music Mp3 Streaming Latest. Immediately download this new version of Fildo. Don’t miss the updates about the latest songs.

Don’t think too long about downloading Fildo Pro. The days will be more beautiful if accompanied by sad songs. Hurry up and be sure to be the most updated person about the latest and favorite songs.

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