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FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is an annual game from FIFA which is a game that Android users have been waiting for. As expected by FIFA game fans, this FIFA 16 release has several types of game modes, one of which is the very popular Ultimate Team mode.
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26 Desember 2019
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FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is an annual game from FIFA which is a game that Android users have been waiting for. As expected by FIFA game fans, this FIFA 16 release has several types of game modes, one of which is the very popular Ultimate Team mode.


In the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team game, players can unite the dream team from the start. Players will get a package of cards to find players, coaches, training plans, contracts, and so on.

Typical Gim

Ultimate Team is one of the most important parts in this game. However, players can also play in leagues, friendly matches and trophies. FIFA 16 apk has an official license where players can get a new roster, badge and kit.

The game aspects contained in FIFA 16 are arguably quite similar to the previous version, namely FIFA 15 apk. The difference is in the controls that have been simplified and adjusted by the touch screen. Thus, some movements can be more easily done than others.

Although the gameplay is only slightly improved from the previous version, FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is a modified sports game. In appearance and experience offered is very capable plus graphics and licenses are equally reliable.

Unfortunately not all features of this game can be accessed free of charge. There are several features that can only be opened after players buy it. But don’t worry, users can still download FIFA 16 Ultimate Team mod apk for free to enjoy unlimited features for free too.

Download FIFA 16

How to download FIFA 16 android is quite easy. Users can download the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team apk mod via the link below.

Download FIFA 16 apk + data + obb download
Size of 1.41 GB

Download APK file v3.2.113645
Download the DATA File v3.2.113645
Download APK File [Android 4.0+] v2.1.108792
Download the DATA File v2.1.108792

The size of the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team mod APK apk is 1.41 GB. If you want to download FIFA 16 small size, it seems like users won’t be able to find the download link.

Excitement of FIFA 16 Android

If you are still curious about the excitement of playing the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team, try to see the review as follows.

Create and Manage Your Own Ultimate Team

Generate, exchange and transfer great players like Jordan Henderson, Lionel Messi or Juan Cuadrado to create your own fantasy team. Choose the style of play, formation, kits, etc., then balance the chemistry of the player for the strongest squad composition.

Play Soccer Like the Real World

The game consists of more than 10,000 players and 500 licensed teams and is ready to fight other players like in the real world. Choose your own team and opponent and make challenges in a soccer match like playing directly with the original players.

Player Exchange

The higher the selling value of players sold the better the increase the players will get back.

FIFA Ultimate Team Features

This game has the concept of Collectible Card Games (CCG) which makes it always requires users to buy something that is not accessible. For example, to build a dream soccer team, package players, coaches, club needs, and various other consumption materials can only be obtained by buying it.

At the beginning of the game, players will be given a number of basic class players, namely bronze that can be upgraded, silver class players, and gold class players. One important factor besides the great skill of collaboration between all teams is the good cooperation between teams.

To improve chemistry, users can choose players from the same country or who have joined the same team. Different and random variations in players can affect team chemistry which causes the game to be suboptimal.

With the design of the game in such a way, it requires the user to have many choices of good players in the team by buying a player package. On the other hand, chemistry between players must also be considered. If you want to have these two advantages, users must spend money to buy a player package that contains great stars who have strong chemistry.

But with FIFA 16 Ultimate Team mod apk, purchasing player packages or anything that requires money can be enjoyed for free.

Download and Play FIFA 16 Game Now

By downloading this game, get ready to experience better skill moves, more interesting goals, more responsive controls, smarter teams, and powerful animation development. Plus, in this version, users can more easily play like a pro player with improved Hybidra Controls support and allows players to use gestures or buttons to control the ball.

For those who ask whether FIFA 16 can be offline? Yes, users can play FIFA 16 offline without reducing excitement. What are you waiting for? Download FIFA 16 Ultimate Team immediately now and build an unbeatable match team!

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