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DU Battery Saver is an application created with the aim of saving battery on an android device.
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26 Desember 2019
Android 4.0 and Up
14.2 MB

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At present, a smartphone has become one of the must-have devices for everyone in the world, especially Android. Why? Because everything is already in this super-sophisticated tool. So, devices like this will make it easier for someone to get things done. For example, you can complete office work using an Android device, entertainment needs to watch movies or play games, and also as a very simple means of communication. However, do all batteries owned by each brand have long durability? Not necessarily. So, for those who are often wasteful, can try downloading DU Battery Saver pro apk v4.9.5 (final unlocked).


You don’t need to worry anymore, if you have an Android device that feels wasteful. Not that the brand that is used is not good, but sometimes battery waste occurs because the Android system is working too hard and there may also be a lot of cache on the device. To overcome this problem, you can try to download and install the latest DU Battery Saver pro apk application.

DU Battery Saver Pro Unlocked

DU Battery Saver is an application created with the aim of saving battery on an android device. Android battery saver application has been very popular and proven effective to overcome the waste of battery power. This full unlocked DU Battery Saver Pro is able to save battery power up to 50% more on Android and tablet devices.

This application also has a smart mode, which is able to manage battery power with just one touch control. How it works from the battery saver application for Android is to disable all applications that are not currently in use. In addition, this application is also able to manage labor expenditure that is far more effective and also efficient. So, using this application, will make the performance of your android device to be more battery efficient.

Download DU Battery Saver Pro feature

This application has many facilities and also super cool features. Here are some excellent features that you will get if you use the DU Battery Saver Pro unlocked application.

1. Battery Accuracy Information

There is an Accurate Battery Information feature, which later there will be some information provided by this application and of course very accurate. Because DU Battery Saver pro already uses a very sophisticated technology and is able to measure almost all components and applications that are working or active on Android devices.

2. Diagnose & Optimize

In this application there is also a facility that can be used to notify all applications that are running in the Android system along with a graph of power consumed per application. With just one touch of the available button, this application will automatically diagnose and optimize battery power to make the Android device you use more efficient.

3. Clear Background Apps

In this feature, the system of the application will automatically scan and clean unused applications. Thus, battery power will remain stable and not become wasteful.

4. Charging Manager

There is a Charging Manager feature, in which the DU Battery Saver pro mod apk application will automatically give you instructions when the right time to charge the battery. Take it easy, this application has diagnosed and also provided the best advice for your android device.

5. App & Hardware Monitor

Android battery saver application will also provide a display on the application page about the application information that is running along with the required power capacity of each application.

Free Download DU Battery Saver PRO Apk v4.9.5 (Final Unlocked)

Actually you can download this application for free on the Google Play Store. However, there you only get the free version, and not all features you can use. To unlock locked features also have to pay first. Will be very dear, right? Therefore, below is provided a link to download the latest DU Battery Saver Pro Apk Mod application.

The details of DU Battery Saver PRO Apk

The name of the Apk DU Battery Saver
Apk version v4.9.5
Apk size is 14.2MB
Minimum Android Android 4.0 and up
Download Apk Pro Full Version

How to Install DU Battery Saver Pro Unlocked

Make sure you have downloaded the latest file from DU Battery Saver Pro.
Do not install yet, but you can go to the Settings section of the android device that is used> then to Security> then, you can activate it by checking the “Unknown Source” or “Unknown Source” section.
Open the file that was downloaded earlier, and install the file as usual.
Wait until the application installation is complete.
DU Battery Saver mod version is ready to use.

So, now you don’t need to worry anymore about battery waste on your Android device. Take it easy, no need to buy a new battery or smartphone. Just use the android that you have at the moment and don’t forget to download DU Battery Saver PRO Apk v4.9.5 (Final Unlocked) via the link provided above.

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