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Fighting by building your own clan residence is fun. By downloading Clash of Clans, players can build and manage their own village of residence.
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21 March 2020
Android 4.1 and Up
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Fighting by building your own clan residence is fun. By downloading Clash of Clans, players can build and manage their own village of residence. After downloading Clash of Clans apk, make a safe place to stay so that the camp is not attacked by enemies. Increase the number of residents to quickly complete the camp. Players can hire citizens and pay using coins to help solve them.


With a strong fortress making losing enemies against camp is easy. Players can also attack the opponent’s camp to get points.

Collect as many coins and gems as possible to buy items in the shop and enlarge the camp area. This game will be very exciting if played with friends. Ask for help from friends to give something, and vice versa. So can’t wait to download the latest version of Clash of Clans?

Easy Gameplay Clash of Clans

For those who don’t know how to play this one game, let’s look to be proficient at playing the game:

Create a Gmail account

After downloading Clash of Clans Android or iOS, then create a gmail account for game logins. Later the system will save the last play history on the gmail account. So, when you have to log in again, players do not need to repeat the game from the beginning.

Login and follow the play tutorial

Log in directly using the account and follow the tutorial available on the game. The tutorial will give a clear picture of how to play it.

Buy a worker / builder

When you first log in, the player will be provided with 2 workers / builders who build your cast. Buy workers using the elixir you have. A lot of workers / builders will speed up the construction of the castor.

Build your castle

After successfully buying workers, build your castle or castle as good as possible. Make sure that your stronghold is surrounded by firearms that will help you fight the coming enemies.

Join the clan

After successfully building the castle, join the clan. Choose a good clan. Because, later players will work with members of the clan. Players can ask for help, give help, even get extra Loot.

Do farming or attacking

When all is enough, the pemaij can start farming to add elixir or can carry out attacks to take all the enemy elixirs.

Clash of Clans feature

To build, attack and defend, players will need a variety of features found in this game such as

Coins (Gold)

Players can buy equipment to build in the shop using this. Yes, players can collect as many coins / gold as possible to enlarge the castle territory and upgrade castle buildings.


Almost the same as a coin, elixir also serves to upgrade. Make the troops have additional strength or build newer buildings.


Players can use gems to complete challenges and missions quickly. They can get these gems when they win battles or clear rubbish in the castle territory. Yes, it’s quite difficult to get a gem, but can get it by buying it using dollars.


At the base the player must be able to build a fortress or defensive building. This is the first step when players start this game. Create strong barriers and buildings inside the base to defeat the enemies that come attacking.


This feature allows users to get elixir and coins easily. Simply loot or robbery on the opponent’s base, then the player will get coins and elixir belonging to the opponent

Clan war

This feature is a core feature where in clan war the player will start fighting to the opponent’s base and vice versa. In this Clash of Clans game, battles last for 48 hours, where 24 hours players can prepare to attack and spy on the base, and the other 24 hours they can attack the opponent’s base.

Download Clash of Clans 11.866.17 Apk Mod (Unlimited Troops / Gems)

Getting troops and gems in Clash of Clans is indeed quite difficult. But it can be tricked by downloading clash of clans mod apk.

What is so special about this 2019 latest version of Clash of Clans mod apk? In addition to anti-ban, by downloading Clash of Clans mod players will also get gems and unlimited troops. Here is the download link for clash of clans mod apk 2019.

Cheat Clash of Clans

If you have difficulty playing this game, don’t worry. You can use this cheat to make the game easier. Here are two types of cheat clash of clans:

1. Pro Cheat for Clash of Clans

Start by downloading this clash of clans cheat and activate it. Get gems and elixir a lot easily.

2. Unlimited Gems for CoC Prank

This application also works to pan coins and gems with great ease.

Using this cheat application players can get a lot of coins, gems, and many elixir without having to wait long. Simply download the clash of clans fhx and activate it, the cheat will run.

With a variety of features available in this Clash of clans game, making downloading the latest COC app very exciting. Especially if playing with friends.

What are you waiting for? download Clash of Clans and play together. Feel the sensation of fighting and get a lot of rewards!

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