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How to play Bitlife Simulator is very simple. After downloading Bitlife iOs and Android, users only need to answer questions after questions are given.
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24 Desember 2019
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Ever thought that life might not offer many choices? Try downloading Bitlife Simulator and feel that life actually offers quite realistic choices.

As the name implies, this game is a life simulation game. But unlike most life simulator games, Bitlife offers a simpler concept. The graphics don’t burden the cellphone so downloading Bitlife iOs version and Android doesn’t require large storage.


How to Play Bitlife Simulator

How to play Bitlife Simulator is very simple. After downloading Bitlife iOs and Android, users only need to answer questions after questions are given. Then what’s so special?

When logging in for the first time to download the Bitlife game, users will be given initial life data. For example, users are babies born in Washington DC, from working parents, without siblings.

Then, what happens next is question after question appears on the screen. The questions are multiple choice questions in which the user must choose what he thinks is most appropriate.

Later, there will be consequences of those questions. The consequences are a way of life, age, health, and happiness. The game will continue until the character offered dies.

When you die, the player can see his life resume. Is he successful and happy, successful but not happy, or not successful and unhappy. It all depends on what is chosen.

Players can not only answer question after question. They can also buy assets, increase happiness, and so on.

Basically, there’s nothing to lose from this game. Because everything depends on the perception of this simulator player.

However, there are several stamps alias statements about the end of the character’s life. For example, Successful, Mediocre, Not Lucky, Addict, and so on. The stamp is the conclusion from the end of the character’s life.

In addition to depending on the chosen way of life, a predetermined destiny of life also affects the condition.

In addition to completing life, download Bitlife Online Simulator, players can also join the Bitlife Community. Bitlife Community is a place where players can meet, share tips, and also find out the progress of their lives.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bitlife Simulator

As a game that many people love, Bitlife Simulator is an interesting game. But like other games, there are several advantages and disadvantages to downloading this Bitlife Simulator. The strengths and weaknesses include:

Easy to play
Does not spend storage and make CPU heat
Attractive interface
Quick finish
The questions are philosophical and allow players to reflect on real life
This game is boring for users who want good graphics with big challenges
Free version too many ads
Minors cannot play it, the questions are too complicated

Download BitLife Simulator 1.16.1 Apk Full Unlocked Latest

Playing Bitlife Simulator for free is a bit annoying. The reason is too many ads. Some of these are actually very old video versions of advertisements and cannot be skipped or ignored.

Like it or not, users must watch these advertisements. This can be a waste of time. Moreover, this ad can appear at any time. In fact, the percentage of emergence can be thirty percent of the total game time.

To avoid too much advertising, players can pay. However, players can also download Bitlife for free downloads that have been unlocked from here. Can download from mobile, or download Bitlife on PC.

What will be obtained from the download of this unlocked version of Bitlife PC? An unlocked version can give game players no annoying advertisements.

For that, click the Download Bitlife for android link below:

After downloading Bitlife on Mac or another PC for Android, you can immediately start entering the game without the hassle of registering or waiting for the download. Even though it’s simple, this game is very addictive and can also make you not bored easily.

Those are things that can be known from Bitlife and how to download Bitlife Simulator which is free, without ads, and also unlocked. Good luck with this philosophical game.

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