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Bike Race Pro and play with friends. This application is a simulation of playing bicycle racing available for Android.
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23 Desember 2019
Android 4.1 and Up
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Download this Bike Race Pro and play with friends. This application is a simulation of playing bicycle racing available for Android. Users will feel the sensation of riding a motorcycle and testing adrenaline by going through various obstacles without having to fall.


For users who are afraid of injuries and accidents due to playing extreme motor racing, you can try playing this Bike Race Pro game. With this game the user can train driving users with this bicycle racing simulation.

Adjust the speed and delay of the racing bike. Users only need to touch the smartphone screen and the bike will run fast. Make sure to stay in the race and don’t fall until it’s finished to get points.

Games Bike Racing Pro features

If the user has never played this game before, it might be thought that this game would be difficult. However, who would have thought that this Bike Race game is very easy to play. Here’s how to play the Bike Race game:

  • Log in using an account

After downloading Bike Race bike blast rush mod apk and the game is successfully installed then log in with an account. It can save game history.

  • Choose the track and type of bicycle

After a successful login, the user can start the game by selecting the track and also the type of bicycle that will be used during the game. For the level of difficulty will vary in each track. Specifically in the Bike Race mod app apk unlock all bikes, users can get a large selection of motorbikes.

  • Tap the screen to run the bicycle

After selecting the track and bicycle, click the start button and the game will start immediately. Tap the screen to control the game and bring the bike speeding.

  • Earn as many points as possible

Run the bike without falling and passing obstacles to get lots of coins. Users can also do several attractions to get extra points.

That’s the variety of things you can get from the Bike Race Pro game. If you are accustomed to playing pro speed car mod APK, this game won’t be difficult anymore. In fact, in fact almost all the methods are the same as if the player downloaded the race pro speed car racer in traffic mod apk.

Of course you can’t wait to try playing this one game. What are you waiting for, download Bike Race Pro right now and invite your friends to play in multiplayer! Collect as many points as possible and get the highest score.

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