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Want to record the screen on a smartphone when performing operations on several applications, but haven't found the right choice?
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20 March 2020
Android 4.1 and Up
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Want to record the screen on a smartphone when performing operations on several applications, but haven’t found the right choice? Don’t worry, now also download the latest AZ Screen Recorder Premium apk v5.1.1. Features in it, very complete for making videos from the screenshots.


What is AZ Screen Recorder V5.1.1?

AZ Screen Recorder Mod is an application that functions to record everything that happens on the screen of your smartphone device, even without having to root first for all types of Android. That way, it will not damage some of the operating systems in it.

The appearance of this application is quite simple and looks elegant. When you first start, you will find four icons in the middle of the screen; to start recording, adjust application settings, access the recorded storage folder and exit.

AZ Screen Recorder Mod is a good utility for recording videos on your smartphone. The resulting quality is pretty good, there are no watermarks, missing images and time limits. No wonder this one application is a netizen hunted.

This application on the official platform is available in premium form, but you can download it for free with the modified version. However, to get it must go through a third party by downloading at several providers.

How to download it?

If you want to have this very popular smartphone screen recorder application, it can’t be downloaded directly. This is because, it is not available in an official way. To overcome this, do the following easy steps:

1. Open the smartphone you have.

2. Use an internet connection via wifi or a smooth data package.

3. Next, please download the application by clicking the following link:

4. Wait a few moments until the download process is complete and do not turn off your internet connection while it is in progress.

5. Done.

How to install it?

For how to install, you could say the same as other applications. Namely:

1. First, find the downloaded application in the file in the smartphone’s internal memory folder or the “download” menu in the browser you are using.

2. Click the application until it opens.

3. Perform the installation process by selecting the “install” button.

4. Wait for the installation process to complete.

5. If the application is not recognized, first turn off sources from outside the PlayStore.

6. AZ Screen Recorder can be used.

What Features Does It Have?

Following are the features of AZ Screen Recorder for smartphones that can provide the best service in the process of screen recording and screenshots. So, more leverage in providing the best results:

1. Ad free when used.

2. Record the screen without any time limit, so users can be more flexible. However, if the duration is long give a large external memory.

3. Can enter text and logos on the screen when recorded

4. There is no default watermark that will affect the display results of the screen recording.

5. Supports to record the screen and at the same time with live streaming on social media.

6. Can edit screen recordings directly when you have finished recording.

7. There are 12 screen recording editor tools that can be used free of charge.

8. Can be used for screenshots in the form of ordinary images.

That’s the features provided by this application. Screen recording and screenshot activities will be more interesting and also the small application size will not take up internal memory space.

What other versions are available? This application has several types and versions which of course have the features and advantages of each with different characteristics. Such as AZ Screen Recorder v5.3.0, AZ Screen Recorder v5.1.4, AZ Screen Recorder v5.0.2 and AZ Screen Recorder v5.1.0

How to use it?

After downloading and installing it, most beginners don’t really know how to do the easy steps. So that you are no longer confused, please refer to the following steps:

1. First, open the application on your smartphone.

2. When starting the application, a pop-up icon will appear on the smartphone screen.

3. Click the camera icon to start recording the screen. You don’t need to do any settings for this application, because by default the settings have been adjusted according to the device used.

4. When stopping the recording process, drag the screen from top to bottom to display the notification, then click the “stop” icon.

5. Finally, the screen recording results will be saved.

That’s the review of how to use the AZ Screen Recorder application on your smartphone. Hopefully it will make it easier for beginners to do screen recording with ease and quality.

Required Smartphone Specifications

When downloading this screen recorder application and screenshot image, actually no special equipment is needed. However, certain specifications are needed so that the smartphone is able to download completely and optimally.

The device that you can use to download this application has a minimum capacity of 2 GB RAM and at least 16 GB of ROM and an internal capacity of 100 MB. This is needed so that when recording does not occur lag.

Then, the smartphone that is used must use the Android operating system with lollipop version (OS 5.0) or above so that its use is more smooth. However, sometimes with the specifications below can still use this application even though sometimes it feels heavy.

Advantages of AZ Screen Recorder

There are several advantages that make this application very attractive to some people, namely:

1. Supports Green Screen effect that makes you more free in editing video results that have been recorded previously. So you can put some nice pictures to be used as background.

2. Furthermore, what is very special is that you can record the sound produced at once without having to use third-party applications or additional accessories such as microphones. This is because it already supports internal audio recording without having to root the device.

3. The effect received is more satisfying, because there is no excessive popup on the application.

4. Can live streaming when recording with AZ Screen Recorder.

5. The recording quality can be adjusted to the needs of users, this is because there are various kinds of video quality such as HD and others.

6. Easy to use because it uses a familiar menu.

7. In the Mod version, the menu is also the same as the official version.

Weakness AZ Screen Recorder

Behind the advantages of an application, there are also shortcomings, namely:

1. If the screen is turned off, the recording will automatically stop and the results will be lost.

2. The minimum operating system that must be used is Android Lollipop, that way, if it’s below that version then it can’t be used.

This application is a good choice and recommended because it is quite complete and interesting. Try when downloading the latest AZ Screen Recorder Premium Apk v5.1.1, you choose the right platform and do not enter any password if asked.


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