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The need for smartphones is increasingly mushrooming among Indonesians. Aside from being a communication tool, the device is also used for business fields.
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25 Desember 2019
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The need for smartphones is increasingly mushrooming among Indonesians. Aside from being a communication tool, the device is also used for business fields.


Smartphones are slow and often in trouble will make the owner restless because work becomes disrupted. The problem is usually caused by a rampant virus. The solution, please download the latest AVG Antivirus Pro Security 6.22.2 Mod APK Premium.

What is AVG AntiVirus PRO Security 6.22.2?

Basically, this application is more famous for use on a PC or laptop. In fact, the performance of the software you can enjoy on a smartphone to maintain security. This is because it has been developed by the manufacturer.

This application is an antivirus released by the AVG Technologies company from the Czech Republic. The basic protection program for Android can be downloaded by users for free. To use it, you only need to use the internet quota.

In addition, it is also claimed to detect viruses such as keyloggers and can block ransomware threats. In fact, AVG is considered to be able to identify up to 99 percent of Android malware.

Another advantage of this application can prevent any threats that try to enter to attack the device, then secure it by automatically removing some dangerous files.

However, there are several paid features, using the “Mod” version all of which are free and make it easy for users.

How to download it?

This Android virus killer application cannot be downloaded directly on a smartphone via PlayStore for the standard version. As for the “Mod” version, how to download it is as follows:

1. Open the Android smartphone that you have.

2. Don’t forget to change the smarthpone setting by checking “allow unknown sources”, so the system does not consider it a junk file because it comes from outside the PlayStore and AppStore.

3. Make sure the smartphone you are using is connected to the internet.

4. Next, please download the application by clicking the following link:

Download APK File [Mobile Full +] v6.16.4
Download APK File [Tablet] v6.16.4

5. Wait a few moments until the download process is complete and do not turn off the internet connection during the activity.

6. After the process is complete, the application will install.

How to Install AVG AntiVirus PRO Security 6.22.2

Here’s an easy way to install it:

1. After the application is open, a notification will appear to ask the smartphone owner for approval, then click the “accept” button.

2. Then click “next” to further install and wait for the application to install itself.

3. Finally, the application is ready to be opened and used.

What Features Does AVG Pro have?

Following are the features of the latest AVG Antivirus Pro Security 6.22.2 Mod APK Premium for Android smartphones. This application will provide the best service in terms of prevention and repair of devices that have a virus. As:

1. The existence of Hacker Data Protection that can prevent cyber criminals from knowing and damaging personal files such as photos, documents and passwords.

2. Private Data Protection is used to provide options for encrypting private images or deleting files that you don’t want.

3. Payment Protection that will protect internet browsing, banking and safeguarding online shopping services safely.

4. Secure DNS that will ensure that users will not be directed to go to fake sites when conducting personal activities on online media. Like shopping and banking transactions.

5. Find a lost or stolen smartphone through Google Maps.

6. Extend battery life.

7. Check the download speed and upload WiFi.

8. Stop the tasks and processes that slow down Android.

9. Lock sensitive applications with a PIN.

10. Find out the list of contacts and long distance calls.

That’s the features provided by this application. The functions provided are truly amazing, right? Your surfing activities will be safe in cyberspace, repair money will not be reduced, and smartphone speed will remain normal without viruses.

Version of AVG Antivirus Pro

This game application has several types and versions which of course have different features and advantages of each. Namely AVG Antivirus Pro 6.19.0, AVG Antivirus Pro 6.11.6, AVG Antivirus Pro 6.17.2, AVG Antivirus Pro 6.7.1, AVG Antivirus Pro 6.16.4, AVG Antivirus Pro 6.19.1 and AVG Antivirus Pro 6.15.1.

How to use AVG Antivirus Pro on Android

To avoid confusion, please pay attention to the following steps:

1. First, open the application on your Android.

2. Then, click the blue button that says “start”.

3. After that, there will be a notification to subscribe. It is skip it, click “continue with the ad”.

4. Next, the application will ask for permission to access media, files and photos. Click “allow”.

5. After the process is complete, you will enter the main menu.

6. If you want to scan for viruses, just click the “scan” button.

7. Then, AVG Antivirus Pro will do a virus scan on your Android.

8. Wait for some time until the process is complete.

9. If you have, the results will be displayed whether the Android has a virus or not.

That’s the review of how to use AVG antivirus on Android that you have. Hopefully it will make it easier for readers to deal with existing viruses.

Required Smartphone Specifications

When downloading the latest AVG Pro antivirus application, not all smartphones can be used. Certain specifications are required in order to be able to download this application in a complete and optimal way.

The smartphone that you can use to download this application has a minimum RAM capacity of at least 2 GB, at least 8 GB of ROM and an empty internal of 100 MB because the file size is 32 MB and the link installs 59 MB.

Advantages of AVG Antivirus

There are several advantages that make this application very popular with the public, namely:

1. The network is a fairly fast virus scanning process, so it does not cause users to get bored.

2. The installed application does not fulfill the Android smartphone memory or RAM.

3. The existence of a Link Scanner.

4. The existence of Anti-Rootkit.

5. The deleted virus can be returned because it is only quarantined.

6. Has protection

7. Maintanability is quite high.

8. At the time of scanning, not too disturbing the performance of other applications that are running.

9. There is also an auto-update feature when the smartphone is connected to an internet connection.

10. The existence of Spyware.

Weaknesses AVG Antivirus Pro

Behind the advantages, this application also has weaknesses. However, this will not greatly affect the application function.

1. Often delete the file “. Exe” even though the file is actually not a virus. Usually occurs in cracked games.

2. Not strong in detecting Trojans.

3. The operation settings are rather complicated.

AVG anti-virus application on Android is a good and recommended choice. This is because it is quite complete to protect the security that is on the smartphone. Immediately have and download the latest AVG Antivirus Pro Security 6.22.2 Mod APK Premium.

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