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The application, known as Unlimited Pro, is the Anonytun Mod that is the most famous and popular with many people. Because it has advantages that are easy to use.
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27 Desember 2019
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The application, known as Unlimited Pro, is the Anonytun Mod that is the most famous and popular with many people. Because it has advantages that are easy to use. If you want to try, you can download the latest Anonytun Pro (Premium) Apk Mod easily.


Review Anonytun Pro (Premium) Latest Mod Apk

Anonytun is a solution to provide VPN (Virtual Private Network) connections at high speed. Its purpose is to bypass every geo service that is restricted to certain locations and countries. This application comes with a clean and neat design.

This VPN will also provide a secure connection that will protect privacy and bypass anonymous firewalls. With it, you can access websites or applications without certain restrictions. It is suitable for those looking for more advanced settings and a “stealth” menu to change the “connection protocol”.

How to activate it by choosing to connect via a proxy. Edit custom TCP / HTTP Headers and it is possible to set SSL forward and edit it. In addition, there are many VPN services and connections.

How to Download the Latest Anonytun Pro (Premium) Apk Mod

How to download this application is fairly easy. Here are the steps:

Play Store

This application is available for free on the Play Store. You just need to type in the search field and write “Anonytun Pro” wait until it appears. Then click and press download. However, the premuim feature cannot open all of them. The solution, by downloading this application for free at the “INI” link

How to Install Anonytun Pro (Premium) Latest Mod Apk

Here is how to install the Latest Anonytun Pro (Premium) Apk Mod application:

1. Save. After downloading the file, save the application in the phone’s internal memory.

2. Tap File. Then tap the application file. Furthermore, the installation process will run. Wait for it to finish.

3. Run it. The application is ready to use and run. However, do the settings first to change the videomax quota.

How to Setting Anonytun Pro (Premium) Apk Latest Mod

Here is how to set the Latest Anonytun Pro (Premium) Apk Mod application:

Open the Application. The first step, open this VPN application, the main menu screen will appear.

Select Connect. Next will be available several options. Just activate the “connect via proxy” menu and press the “edit production” button, then a pop up window will appear again.

Payload Settings. Like the http injector, Anonytun also has a Payload Setting that can be reset to be generated into a Payload.

Bug Host Menu. After that, you can choose this menu on the available features. Because it is useful to change the internet quota system so that it is free to use.

How to use Anonytun Pro (Premium) Apk Latest Mod

The ways to use this application are as follows:

1. Open the Application

First open the Anonytun Pro application that has been downloaded and installed, then a display will say “connect”. However, when viewing this article, do not immediately click but do the settings first.

2. VPN Settings

There will be an icon symbolized by a dot located in the upper right corner, then click. Next, several menus will appear and select VPN settings.

3. Turn Compress Packets ON / OFF

If you have chosen VPN settings, the next thing to do is activate the Compress Packets On / Off icon. And don’t forget to set MTU Size. This menu can be adjusted as needed. However, most set by 1500. That means it’s the maximum MTU size. Click save.

4. Stealth Settings

In this setting, you are still in the Off state. What must be done is to change and set it to active in the On mode. In order to make adjustments, click Stealth Settings at the top of the screen by sliding the sphere next to it so that it turns blue.

You can also change and set the connection protocol to TCP, HTTP or SSL. Just choose as needed.

5. Add Three Menu

The next step, you can enable custom edit TCP / HTTP Headers, Connect Via Parent Proxy, also edit SSL Settings. All three menus can be activated together or only select a few.

The Edit Parent Proxy menu is used to enter the IP and click OK can be finished. The TCP / HTTP Headers menu will display URLs, etc. that can be adjusted as needed. While the SSL Settings menu can be selected only when needed.

6. Save

If you have run all the steps, you can directly click Save. You will automatically be led to the main page with the status display Stealth Settings ON. When it is activated, it is only allowed to click the connect icon.

7. Notification

The Anonytun logo will always appear at the top of the screen when you are active. Please click OK.

Anonytun Pro (Premium) Features Latest Mod Mod

The design. The initial design displayed by this application was clean, neat and super friendly so it was very user friendly.

Registration. No registration is required when using this application.
No Root. If downloaded by Android, you don’t need to root the device first.
Free. This service can be obtained free of charge with the best quality because it is safe and the connection is very fast.
Bandwidth. This application is not difficult with the limitations of bandwidth. You are free to transfer data without limits.
Menus. There are various menus such as SSL Tunnel, HTTP Tunnel and TCP Tunnel.
Bypass. You can bypass all types of restrictions. This means that you can avoid or avoid any restrictions.
Advertisement. Although this application can be obtained for free, but there will be no presence of annoying advertisements during use.
Language This service provides a variety of languages, namely Indonesian, English and Spanish.
Stealth Settings. This setting can be used to configure the Anonytun application to be able to connect properly to the device.
Modifications By Maddax. Display Anonytun Pro is now dark or dark themed and red color variations on the button. In addition, the location change feature is also added, but currently it is still available for the United States.
Anonytun Pro (Premium) Specifications Latest Mod Apk
1. 4.0.3

Android devices must have a minimum version of 4.0.3 to be able to download and use this application. However, the higher the version, the better.

2. RAM

Have a minimum of 2GB of device RAM. Because this application must be stored in internal memory, it requires a large capacity or space.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Anonytun Pro (Premium) Latest Mod Apk

Anonytun Pro’s advantages
1. Save money

One of the advantages that you will feel when using this application is saving. Because there is no need to pay to download or use it.

2. 24 Hours

No need to wait for the midnight quota, because this application can be used for 24 hours.

3. Used in some Prime

To change the internet quota to be as if you enjoy the network for free can be done in a variety of prime namely Axis, Xl, Indosat, and Telkomsel.

Disadvantages of Anonytun Pro

Although there are many advantages in using this application, but there is one drawback that you can not share the network using a hotspot.

For those of you who want to have a faster internet connection without having to pay a fee, you can download the latest Anonytun Pro (Premium) Apk Mod.

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