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WhatsApp is one of the most popular applications today. The completeness of features and convenience offered makes it able to attract millions of users. In addition, there are now many versions of WhatsApp mods that make their functionality more diverse. One of them is WhatsApp Aero 2021.


WhatsApp Aero itself is one of the many types of WhatsApp mods that are spread on the internet. This type of WhatsApp mod is the most recent because it has just been released in 2021. For those of you who are interested in trying it. Check out the following information about WhatsApp Aero 2021 first.

WhatsApp Aero features

As a modified application, WhatsApp Aero 2021 has a myriad of features that cannot be enjoyed by original WhatsApp users. Here are some of them:

1. Uncheck two

Check two as a sign that we are active sometimes not needed in certain conditions. Using WhatsApp Aero, you can remove it in the following ways:

Open the Aero Settings menu by clicking the three-dot button in the upper right corner and clicking Aero Settings
After the Aero Settings page opens, select the privacy and security menu
Scroll down until you find the chat field, then select the contact you want to hide the second tick for and select hide second tick.

2. Block certain calls

This feature is very interesting for those of you who don’t want to receive calls from someone. The concept is almost similar to the story audience filter. The trick is to reopen the settings, select who can call me. Furthermore, there will be three options such as story settings.

Namely select everyone if you are willing to accept calls from anyone (this is the default feature), select nobody if you want to block all calls, or you can filter yourself who can call you via WhatsApp.

2. Eliminate online status

If you feel that your online status disturbs your privacy while using WhatsApp, you can remove this status using WhatsApp Aero. The method is the same as before, namely select the settings menu in the upper right corner.

Next, activate the toggle hide last seen. This will remove your online status as well as remove the last seen status.

3. View hidden or deleted stories

Often curious about the status that is hidden from you? With WhatsApp Aero, you can find out very easily. The trick is to open the settings menu and find the hide view status menu and anti delete status.

This way you will see all of your contact’s stories without exception. Even the ones that have been deleted.

Download Link for Whatsapp Aero and How to Install it

If you are already interested in using WhatsApp Aero, just see how to install it below:

  • First download the application on the Aero WhatsApp Apk link
    Make sure your phone allows installation of apps from unknown sources
    How to go to settings, go to security, and tick install apps from unknown sources
    After that, install the application as usual.


The advantages and disadvantages of Whatsapp Aero


As a modified application, WhatsApp Aero 2021 definitely has its own advantages and disadvantages. The following include:

Advantages :

Can run side by side with the original WhatsApp
Avoid developer tires
Customizable privacy so that it can be selected per contact
Privacy in the group is better maintained
Has a large selection of themes
Can send images at full resolution (original image quality)
Bubbles chat icon can be customized
Chat view can be changed
Hide double tick

Deficiency :

The size is large enough that is 68.2 MB so that it will burden your internal memory
Because the application has been modified, you will not get automatic updates
Security is not guaranteed.

How to Update WhatsApp Aero

As explained above, WhatsApp Aero 2021 will not get automatic updates. Therefore if you want to keep the app up to date, you’ll have to update it manually yourself. Here’s how:

Open the WhatsApp Aero application and select settings in the upper right corner
Look for the update menu
Then click check for updates
If there is an update, then you will be directly directed to the download page
Download and install the file and the update is complete.
Check for updates regularly as you won’t get notifications about new updates.

That’s some information about WhatsApp Aero that we can share. Enjoy the freedom to use the features offered in this application. Use these advantages wisely and don’t let them be used to harm others.

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