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A software called full premium adguard is a security software to prevent content that is considered disturbing.
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23 March 2020
Android 4.1 and Up
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Often disturbed by advertisements when opening websites? Then this software will help. Adguard content blocker is a software to filter every dangerous website. This filter will be done automatically and will remove ads that often interfere with search. This program will immediately remove dangerous tracking from a website. When visiting a website, this program will run automatically for quick checking. Then it will remove malicious content and detected malicious programs.


About Adguard Premium

A software called full premium adguard is a security software to prevent content that is considered disturbing. As explained above, this software will prevent advertisements when searching. So that it can reduce interference in surfing the Internet.

The advantage of premium Adguard apk is that it will not use too much resources. So it won’t overload the device. In this explanation we will share the program in full for download using the link below. So you can use software complete with patches to activate the software. Of course it will be downloaded for free for a smooth search on a web browser.

Premium Adguard feature

Just like the version of Adguard for Android, this software will provide many protection features. Comfort in visiting every website will be guaranteed. When processing web pages or websites, Adguard will protect and secure the features. The following are the features that will be obtained if using Adguard on a device.

Convenience and Safety in Windows

Using dns adguard on windows will provide many important changes. Such as memory usage that will be reduced, the addition of filters for advertising, integrated WoT with separate extensions and other conveniences.

Reducing Memory Usage

Adguard Pro has significantly optimized memory usage. When the device is running a program, Adguard will run in the background without interrupting the process of other programs. When compared with the previous version, this latest version will reduce more memory usage. Smoothness of the device will not be disturbed.

Filter For More

Another feature of the new version full Adguard apk will run the program more comprehensively. Currently users are able to install filters for any type of advertisement. In a sense, users are able to add third parties aside from the default filter. This additional filter will certainly expand the blocking of ads when searching. Adguard will allow to block advertisements from various segments on the website in any language.

Give Danger Notification

Adguard apk software has been integrated with Wo Tatau Web of Trust which is carried on a separate extension. That way Adguard will give a warning when visiting a suspicious website. With WoT rocks, this program will provide an instant notification about the reasons for danger and the reputation of the website. Categories of danger can be, potentially illegal, fraud, misleading claims, unethical, bad track record, privacy risks and so on.

Download Adguard Full Premium

The features of this free adguard download software will certainly be useful for smooth surfing on the internet. Then downloading the software and pairing it on the device will be very important. If you want to get security for the device then you can download using the link below.

How to Install Adguard Premium

Download the link above and extract the file “Adguard Premium Full Patch”
Also extract the patch file adri different folder
Install software as usual
If you have finished installing it directly enter the Adguard program
Open the Patch folder, then copy paste the patch file to the installation folder “Adguard Premium”
Run Pacth – Run As Administrator
Apply Patch

Well, the following is an explanation of the free adguard software for device security. Of course using this software will make the device not easy to contract the virus. Also, be aware, besides in terms of security, comfort in surfing the internet will be supported from this software. So if you want to secure your device from dangerous ads and content, just download it via the link provided above.

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